Tuesday, October 04, 2016


The day my parents said yes to everything...

Momma and Daddy said today is the day that we say yes to everything.  So I asked for a Chase, Blades, and Boulder and their books.  Second, I want a spy kit, a remote control racecar, and some walkie talkies.  Next, I want to buy 1,000 lollipops, but to make sure that my teeth didn't get rotten in my head, I'd only eat one every day that Momma let me.  I'd want a jar of smarties, and a few balloons.  I think I'd like 10 bags of bubble gum and 5 bags of giant twix bars that I'd share with Momma and Ruth and Rebecca.  And I would want some sweet tarts, alot of reeces cups, and some swords to play with.  I would like a whole box of army men, and some jet planes.  I would also like some spiders and flies and stuff, and a whole jar of tiny skeletons to decorate for Halloween and then I could play with them.  We would go to the library all day.  Then I want to pick the food for supper - corn on the cob, turkey, and some yummy yummy cole slaw.  And the desert was oreo ice cream.

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