Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Favorite Season

Describe your favorite season.

My favorite season is the beginning of fall.  Because you get to jump in a pile of leaves.  And I like raking with Grumpsy with the pink rake.  In Pennsylvania I use to jump off the picnic table into a big pile of leaves.  I like the different colors of the leaves.  I don't have a favorite leaf color, but I like them all together.  I also like the warm fall clothes, especially my clothes with the squirels.  They are my favorite.  I like when it starts to get cold at fall.  It's super fun, sometimes if it gets cold enough it might snow, and it's fun when it snows at fall.  The leaves falling on the snow.  I like Halloween.  It's my favorite time of fall.  Because we get to trick or treat and get candy for free.  And we get to dress up.  This year, me and Britt and Rebecca and Momma are all going to be Indians. (Now she is making the sound effects.)  And sometimes if you go to a special place you get to trade out candy for toys.


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