Friday, October 21, 2016

My Pam-a-we

Rebecca is getting to be a bit of an artist.  She sat down on Tuesday and decided to draw a picture of her family.  I labelled all the people.  And asked her about what she drew.  She has buttons on Daddy's shirt, and he has on shorts.  The dots under the circles are noses, and the lines or smushed circles are smiles, "cause we have different smiles."  We had looked at this really cool book I've bought "A Child is Born" and I had showed them how a 8 week old baby has a big head, but still is kinda a C shape, so all on her own, she drew a C shaped baby.  And she put Abigail beside her, because "she's next after me."  She made her big like her because "I think she's big like me."  What I was most impressed with was her name.  When I sit down and tell her exactly how to write her name, her handwriting is amazing.  We go through it like this - for your R you have to draw a stick, then a bump with a kick, and then for an e, we make a belt and make a C around it.  If you look at the very bottom, without any help she wrote her name REccA, her c looks like an o, but she insist it wasn't, she just messed up a little.  She scribbled something before the A because she said, "I forgot what else was in there."  I continue to be so impressed with her "school work" this year.  She's only got one assignment left in her letter book, and she will have used up all of her preschool books.  I suppose I'll have to think about what to do after Christmas with her schooling.  I really didn't intend to start this year or next with her.  She had other ideas.

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