Saturday, March 17, 2018

Our Little Home

I love our little home. I fell in love with the yard before I even saw the inside. Which was probably good cause the inside needed lots of love.  And we've done so much work on the inside since we moved in. In fact the only thing that hasn't been painted is the kitchen cabinets, bathroom walls, and the exterior doors. But we haven't done much outside. About this time last year, Gary yanked out all the overgrown shrubbery that was planted way too close to the house, and the girls to took their money to make themselves a faerie garden and a butterfly garden, in their own little areas.  And they made pretty little areas even if there have been times I have had to go out and pulled foot tall weeds because they let it go for about a month.

But, as you might guess, I have been itching to do more. This year we took some Money and started on some of the tree work that needed to be done. The mulberry that was dead in the center of the back yard has come down, and the stump grinder should be by next week. The neighbors oak that was touching the sidewalk on our side has been trimmed up to clear the power lines it was tangled in. Two trees that had mostly come down in the back corner during the Hurricane have been cut up and carried away. All that is left is to finish shaping them up and the palm in the front.  We are going to save up some more money and shape up the Banyan trees in the front yard next. They had so much damage from the Hurricane, and this week two more branches that were damaged fell out of the tree.

But yesterday, I went on a missing for the front porch. I wanted a Boston fern, that I promised Gary I wouldn't kill this time. Some succulents for a pot I already had, since those things are pretty impossible to kill. And one other taller pot for the front porch. While we were at Lowes, Britt found some orange flowers he couldn't live with out. And since I love all kinds of Lilies we got them. Then of course I needed something to go with them in the front flowerbeds. As we went to check out Rebecca insisted that she should get to pick out some purple flowers too. I ended up spending all my budget, so I am going to have to wait on mulch, but we put it in the ground last night, and I think it looks wonderful, even if I thought I was going to died of heatstroke before we finished up.

 Gary started painting the house for me back in December. I think the blue makes the white brick look so pretty. He has got to finish the cutting in still around the faerie garden and the AC unit, but it looks great from the front. We still haven't settled on a trim color. I am thinking black shutters (we still need to replace one from the Hurricane) and black on the metalwork under the carport to cover the confederate blue. Then maybe white up around the eaves. Still no consensus on the front door. I'd like to replace it with one with a big piece of glass to let in more light, but Gary isn't going for the price tag. Anyway, he has hung some pictures and things for me this week, such as moving my flag holder to the front porch, so my next flag won't fade in the sun so fast, or get beat to death in the constant wind. Beautiful day, with my beautiful helpers.

It's a work in progress, but it's a our work in progress. And for the first time all the work we do to try to pretty up a place to make it feel more like home is for us not for someone else's property.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Organizing Bedrooms

I just love a clean and organized house. And it's that time of year again where I feel like we need to get on top of things again because we have gotten all kinds of disorganized.

 Britt's room was my first project. I decided to drag his bed out from against the wall for him to clean all the trash, toys, and clothes from that bottomless pit, when he asked if we could move the bed so that he could get to stuff without asking me to move it. So after thinking about it. I told him we could try moving it to the other wall to see if it fit. So we swapped his Chester drawers and bed, then, cleaned out his closet. Short couple hour project back on Feb. 28th.

After that I had enough of listening to Ruth and Rebecca argue and decided I wanted to go ahead and separate the girls. We had discussed moving Rebecca and Kate in together sometime toward the end of the year. I mentioned it to Gary, but he was less excited. So last Monday I started disassembling the bunk beds. That night we moved the full bed back in and made the girls share it, and all day Tuesday I worked on Ruth's room, and on Wednesday I finished moving all the stuff I had been storing in Kates closet to the now empty half of Ruth's. A mom on our T-ball team offered us some things her daughter had out grown. So Ruth got a nice Real Baby boy made by Cabbage Patch and a Tinker Bell chair for her.

 On Tuesday all I did for Rebecca was reassemble the bunk bed with alot of help from Ruth. All day Wednesday and the part of Thursday that I was home I worked on Rebecca and Kate's room. I even put up the wall clings that came with Kate's bedding that I had never decided what to do with them. Oddly enough Rebecca's favorite part is the closet. She has all her breakable stuff from her bookcase on the dresser in there. She is also using it as her "changing room."  She has been most excited about taking baths with Kate and getting to keep all their bathstuff in there, and not get it out for Ruth. She also likes picking out Kate's clothes when she gets hers out. I have to really insist if I want to do it. Rebecca also got some baby doll stuff from our T-ball mom which she has played with almost constantly and has been trying to teach Kate how to play with them. Rebecca decided the twin babies are for Kate and she's given her the kissy doll that she doesn't play with anymore.

All in all everyone seems happy with the new arrangements.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

My First Minor Baseball Game

Tonight was my first baseball game in minors.  At the beginning when the guys first started batting we got three points.  I missed when I swung two times.  The last strike it was way over my head but I swung at it so it was a strike.  When Eunice went up to bat, he got hit by the ball and got on first base.  Aiden got to third base, he hit and got on first, then stole all the way to third base.  We also had another good hit, and he got all the way to second.  At the end it was 7-2, we won!  We could have played longer, but Coach says it's not nice to make other teams look like garbage.  He said we all did great.  And even though I didn't get the game ball, he said it wasn't only him that made us win, but that we were a whole team working together.  I had a good time, it was really fun.  Even if I had to stay in one time, and couldn't hit the ball.

It's different from Rookie ball, because we can steal bases.  We also have a better idea about what another team is bringing at us, what they can do.  We have more things that we can do to try to win.  It's different too because we are going against each other instead of our coach using a pitching machine.  I can't wait to play again tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

My First Softball Game

Yesterday was my first softball game.  Our team was losing, and when we got on base, we didn't get a point.  After the first inning they had 3 pts.  But in the last inning Natty hit a home run, when we had 2 on base.  Then two more girls hit and made it home.  So we won 5-3.  Our second game, today, we won 3-0, and I got the game ball.  I got it because he said, I didn't give up.  I kept a good attitude.  Sometimes they call you Little Bit, I'm the youngest on the team, but I fouled off two balls this week with the pitching machine.

Coach Eric works with Daddy, and he mostly makes us run to the wall and back after switches, and before we start throwing.  In our first practice, one of the coaches put the glove down, it would be like a base, we had to run around it and back, and if we complained we had to do it again.  Then he buyed some white spray paint, and some bases from last year, so we ran all the bases and he marked out a field.  And Coach Eric taught us to say, "infield go one, outfield go two."  Sometimes to say, "infield go closest bag, outfield go second."  He's a very good coach.

Softball is different from t-ball because our Coach pitches with a pitching machine.  They are also a little bit bigger balls, and it's really a little bit harder for me to catch.  You are really competing, in t-ball you can hit anytime, but in softball, if you don't swing the bat at the right time, you can't hit the ball.  It's also more exciting than t-ball, because there's no outs or points, but in softball there's everything.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

My First T-Ball Game

Last night I had my first t-ball game of the season.  I like t-ball.  Only the games though, because the games you can get coke or a ring pop or chips or juice in a bottle.  I also like hitting the ball and running to the bases.  One time I got to be the first batter.  And, the reason why I love hitting, is because I get to run to bases - first base, all the way to third base, then you go back to home plate.  It's the first, first, main plate.  If you don't have home plate you can't do the game, because it's where you bat, and if you don't bat you don't catch, and if you don't catch you can't throw either.  I do not like to catch.  Daddy is my coach.  Well, he's kinda a good coach.  Because he makes me throw, and I don't like throwing.  Except the batting part and the running part.  I'm excited for my next game.  And by the way, before it's the end, we have to say the end, and bye-bye.  Now it's the end of the thing. Bye.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

What DOES the Tooth Faerie do with those teeth?

What happens to your teeth after they come out of your mouth and the tooth faerie takes them?

The tooth faerie grabs them and replaces them with a gold coin for me.  That's worth one dollar.  But Lilli's tooth faerie gives her a dollar instead of a gold coin.  Me and Britt shares the same tooth faerie.  I wonder what Julia's tooth faerie leaves, a golden coin or a dollar.  Ahna said when she was little her tooth faerie left normal coins instead of a dollar.  Momma got all of her teeth back after she losed them all, they are in her drawer.

I think she puts them in the bag, a looks which one is prettier.  She keeps them in a locker.  the tooth faerie has one big locker for everyone in the world.  She has one for me, and another one for Britt, and one day Rebecca will get to use her's too.  They are in a locker so that they are safe and don't rot.  They probably give them back at the end, so that they can use that locker for someone else.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dreaming of a Rainy Day

What do you like to do on rainy days?

We haven't had a rainy day in a while, but they can be fun.  I like to play Wii, Nintendo, and any video game.  I also like to sometimes do puzzles and watch movies.  I also like to make blanket forts.  Sometimes when it rains, Momma lets me put on my rain poncho and boots.  Then I go outside and pretend to be a Jedi.  I like to also pretend to that Tatoine is being flooded.  That the towns are made out of mud bricks and they are falling, and that bad guys are throwing more water on the roofs to make them collapse.  Especially ones with tanning booths, so that they ruin the tanning booths just for fun.  Until the Jedis came.  Then I like to pretend that I fight them, and Darth fighter and his son run off in an X-wing.  I never catch them before they get to a base to use hyper speed and escape.  I also sometimes like to pretend that T-Rex's are chasing me through the rain forest.  Then there was the time that me and Momma and Ruth and Rebecca were just walking and I had on my Indiana Jones stuff.