Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My party luau feast

If you could cook any meal for your family what would it be?

It would be a supper feast, and we'd invite our friends to it:  Sebastian's family would come, all the people on my Gratz Grizzle team except that one person that was mean to everyone on our team, and Miles and Trey and everyone on my team here in Florida, and Zane and Cheris and their family, and Steve and his family, plus Grumps and Ahna, and Memaw and Mister.  This will be a party to show my friends how much I like them.  So, the table will have a gold cloth, with a red heart on it.  There will be gold hearts everywhere.  There will be roses at the middle of the table, and we will have supper with the two big candles on the table, and turn off the lights.  There will be bowls of water with beads in them and flower candles.  We'll make special lights to look like their are sharks swimming around us, and fish and turtles and stuff.

We would have ribs, meatballs, chicken and turkey.  There's lettuce and things like croutons and bacon bites for salads.  We'll have the dinosaur bread with special oil and herbs.  We'd have muscles and noodles.  There would be green beans and broccoli, and you could put ranch on them if you wanted too.  There would be macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw.  There would be crackers and noodle soup.  We'd also have Cheetos, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and Momma's favorite kind.  For drinks there would be apple juice boxes, Coke bottles, Dr. Pepper bottles, water bottles, Orange coke, fruit punch, Yoohoos, chocolate milk, and white milk.  Then for desert we'd have ice cream, chips (every single kind), chocolate bars, smarties, and honey and marshmallows, and cotton candy, and popcorn (all kinds), and a chocolate fountain.  Last but not least there would be a love cake that was chocolate and vanilla.  There'd be something for everybody, and there would be lots of left overs.

After the food there would be a disco party, in the living room.  There would be dancing and music and lights and all of that.  Everyone could do their own dances, and if they didn't want to dance, they wouldn't have to.  Next, in my room, people would get to watch tv if they wanted too.  Then in the same room, they could play some Nintendo games.  The best part is that they all would get to sleep over 7 nights.  Alot of them brought their tents too, so that we could have a camp out.  It would be the best party ever.  The End.  By Britt.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Momma and Me Telling a Story

Once upon a time there was a frog.  And the frog was very sad because he wasn't married. One day he was hopping in the swamp down a little path when he saw a human.  The human was walking and in her hand she had a book about things that are in a book. That's when the frog decided to become a human cause he wanted to, cause eating bugs is yucky.   So he kissed the girl with the book, and the girl turned into a frog.  That didn't work very well did it?  No, but he has a girl frog now so he is happy. And now they eat bugs.  Yuck.  The End.  Yep.  The End.

colored by Rebecca

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Trip to Seaworld

Last week I went to Sea World.  There was a show of dolphins.  And the dolphins did tricks.  I liked when they were riding on the dolphins.  It was my and Rebecca's favorite show.  I asked to kiss one at the end and they laughed.  Britt wants to be the prince that rides on the dolphin, when he is grown up.  Momma told him he had to learn to swim really well.  It was fun watching the Killer Whales do them big splashes.  That was Britt's favorite show.  We went to a sea lion show too.  A boy in the sea lion show, and he threw his trash coke can in the water, and a little otter got it out.  He talked and complained and said, he went right past the recycling!  And we went to a fake Antarctica.  And when it was raining, me and Britt said, "For the first time ever, Antarctica is melting!"

And after the melting rain stopped, we goed and buyed some stuff.   I got a pink dolphin holding on to a big lollipop.  I also got a glowing penguin key chain.  When I grow up I'm going to put it on my keys.  So just incase we have a black out, I have a penguin that glows.  And I got seahorse earrings.  Most important, I got cotton candy.  Rebecca got an orca necklace and squeeky orca that she named Shamu.  Britt got an aligator tooth necklace and I helped him buy a baby polar bear.

Picture taken by Ruth

We also stayed at a hotel where we went swimming and we slept.  And there was a hot tub.  And we goed to Memaw's house and played there a few nights after that.  And we borrowed two of her movies. The end.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Baby Dragon

Write a story called "The Baby Dragon."

Once upon a time in a little forest there was a little dragon walking through the forest.  And he saw two little boys, Britt and Christopher.  They were walking till Britt yelled "Wow," and stopped suddenly falling over, because the dragon was holding on to his leg.

Christopher said, "It looks like you've got a dragon."

They kept walking with the dragon hanging on to his leg when they saw a beautiful girl, named Evelyn.  They asked Evelyn if she wanted to explore the forest with them.  And she said yes.  It was a fun day, but Britt and Christopher decided it was time to take the baby dragon home.  So they all agreed to find the baby dragon's home.  They didn't realize that they were lost, and very hungry.  They still didn't find the baby dragon's mom.  They decided to call the dragon Skippy, because he liked to skip alot.  All of a sudden they ran into the momma dragon.  They heard a sound like this aaahooooooo.  They knew it was something, that they were being watched.  They saw wolves!  They ran and ran up the mountain into a cave that was the dragon's home.  She breathed fire and burned some of the wolves.  The other two others ran away.  The momma dragon gave them a lift home, because they brought back her dragon baby.

Then after supper Evelyn and Britt married that night.  The End.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

My School

The biggest surprise this school year has been Rebecca.  I found a couple of early, early preschool books in my stash, so I set them aside for Rebecca.  Just in case I needed something to entertain her while the others worked on school.  In the past she's showed no interest.  For a while now, I've started school right after lunch while she takes a nap.  When she's not napping, she's been thrilled to have all the toys to herself.  The first week the kids started back, I pulled them out when she asked.  She kinda piddled with one but didn't seem to like it.  So I was really surprised about 2 weeks later, when she asked to do school too.  Ever since, she has begged to do school, even on days we aren't planning anything or planning to go somewhere.  She's really upset if the others start school without her.  Or if she doesn't get to do school.  This week she has completed the little number book I had, and is almost half way through the letter book.  Another surprise has been what I've discovered that she already knows.  She doesn't know any of her letter names, but she seems to know about half of their sounds.  And for a 3.5 year old, I'm shocked by how well she holds a pencil and traces and then draws the letters or numbers that she's working on.  Apparently we are going to need to call this year Preschool, and I'm going to need to find her something, since I had no plans to do any school with her this year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Giraffe and Ruth

You just woke up and there is a giraffe in your yard.  What do you do?

"I woke up at a full moon, and I goed out in my yard.  When I goed out in my yard I found a giraffe.  I got some lettuce and leaves out and feeded it.  Her liked it.  It was yummy for a giraffe, but it was yucky for me.  I looked at the giraffe, to figure out a name.  I picked Sparkles for her name.  For her nickname, I picked Twinkle.  Me and Twinkle played I spy, but Twinkle didn't like that game, so she picked a different game.  She wanted to play tag.  And she won, because with her long neck she stretched it out and touched me. Then we played tag with our eyes closed.  And I won.  Then we were getting tired, so the giraffe goed on the roof, to sleep.  She couldn't fit in the house, even with the big doors open because her long neck, was too long. I opened the little doors and got back in my bed.  The next morning I woke up and the giraffe was planting a tree.  She held the water bucket with her mouth, then the tree with her mouth, and then covered it up with her feet.  Three more days later, the tree grew big enough for the giraffe to eat it.  After that the giraffe leaved, because giraffes can't stay for Christmas.  They would get too cold. The End."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Britt's Cook Out

I want to learn how to cook.  So I asked Daddy if I could be his supper helper, and he said yes.  First, Momma and I measured stuff.  I squirted all the lemon juice in to marinate the chicken.  Then I stirred it and we put in the next ingredient.  Then I stirred it again and put in the next ingredient.  Then I stirred it again.  I stirred it three times with a fork.  Then when Daddy came home, we started cooking it.  First I picked out what would go with the chicken.  I picked some cream corn.  I used the can opener, to turn, turn, turn.  Daddy helped me hold the opener.  Then we made a salad, and Daddy cut up the eggs, and I put them on there.  I like to call myself Chef Britt.  Then I went out and flipped the chicken on the other side.  After a while it cooked, then I used the tongs to pick them up.  I put the chicken on the plate.  Then Daddy cut the chicken up.  Then servant Ruth served the plates, and waitress Rebecca served the forks.  And then we all ate supper.  I loved cooking.  It was fun.
-made by Chef Britt