Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When I am a Grown-Up

What do you think the world will be like when you are a grown up?

"I think it would be harder.  Because you will have to have a job, and you will have to pay bills, and take care of kids, and clean the house.  But there is some good parts, like having a baby.  They are so cute, and it's fun to see your kids learn.  I won't be a kid anymore.  And everything starts to get a little harder when you are a grown up."

The above picture Ruth says is of her house when she is a grown up.  Up the stairs is her bedroom, but downstairs is her art studio.  Her first picture ever is hanging in her bedroom.  She is currently painting an Indian picture based off of the book we are reading (The Sign of the Beaver).  With her are other people she has hired to work at her art studio.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

If I was only 12 inches tall

Imagine if you were 12 inches tall. What would life be like.

"Things that were small, would actually be kinda giant for me if I was only a foot tall.  A bomb would be like a really giant explosion.  Many things would be different.  A house would be more like a mansion.  Scary houses would be even scarier.  If you had to run away from someone trying to kill you, it's be really hard if you were that small.  I wouldn't really like it.  But then some parts would be fun.  Little grass, could be like a corn maze.  Life would be an adventure.  If you played a video game, it'd be really hard, but you'd have to jump on the buttons and stuff.  Life wouldn't be as awesome, but it would be different."

"Help Me I'm Tiny" - Britt

Saturday, September 09, 2017


School is very good.  I have learned to write F and E and I have practiced writing Rebecca.  I have practiced number 1, 2, 3, and 4.  My favorite part is cutting and gluing.  I have 4 of my own books, one is big and the others is little.  Me get to play on the computer, but I didn't do any today.  I get to play ABC Mouse and I get to blog.  I like school.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

3rd Grade

So far I think 3rd grade is not as fun as 2nd grade, because it was easier and funner.  I don't like the new way of doing school.  Because we have more jobs and we are only watching one show on Netflicks a day.

The parts I do like though are being in GEMS and learning how to sew.  GEMS is a club where I get together and learn things, and only girls can go.  We got to try to put toothpaste back in the bottle, and it was like when you say something wrong or mean you cant take it back.  Sewing Sisters are part of 4H, and we are going to sew our own little skirt.  I really want to use my purple sewing machine.  They had one just like it but white.  I am excited too that we will learn to bake on Fridays with Momma.  I'm going to use my new apron and sometimes my Easy Bake Oven.  I got some more stuff for it for my birthday.  I like baking in my little oven, it is fun.  I'm going to paint this year too.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

3rd Grade

My favorite part of school this year is history.  Right now we are still studying on Egypt.  There is a lot of cutting and gluing to make cool stuff, but it's not just that.  It's not like reading or like writing, but it is like an adventure, like a nature walk but through time.  I really liked how they were very good at making symbols and paintings on the walls.  They were also good at building things like the pyramids and sphinx.  There were bad parts like they didn't worship the true God, they didn't have cars or machines.  They built everything by hand, not machines, I think it's kinda cool.

Third grade has some better stuff than the other grades.  We aren't cramping everything in to one space.  I also get some Nintendo time.  We didn't do history till second grade, so I like doing it better.  I think 3rd grade math is very interesting, more fun.  We have done measuring and perimeter, and used it today on the windows to know what size plywood Daddy should get in case there is a hurricane.  We definitely have some new stuff.  Momma is going to count our read alouds as school, not just fun time.  We are memorizing Bible verses again, and I really like that.  I'm also learning the song for Micah 6:8.  The phonic lessons are pretty easy and short, I can get use to them.  Spelling is new but it's pretty good.  Handwriting is very good.  After we say the Bible verse a few times, we have to write it.  I don't really like practicing shaping my letters, because sometimes that's not the way I want to shape it.  But maybe I like it a bit better.  Reading is ok I guess.  I have to read a book, sometimes I copy the way Momma reads it to work on the way language flows when I read.

Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day Back to School

So much later than pretty much everyone else in the known world, we had our first day back to school today.  Last night the kids picked out what they wanted to wear today, since we would need to get up and head up to the school for their speech evaluations.  I had planned to take their pictures afterward, but since we had a downpour going on at the house, I opted to do them before.  Britt spent 20 minutes deciding on clothes last night.  He wanted all of his favorite things in his outfit.  So we needed a T-Rex Shirt and cowboy boots.  He also thought his Captain America socks were wonderful because they were both military, and SuperHero, and a little like the American flag.  He went back and forth between this hat (his Indiana Jones Hat) and his newsboy cap.  In fact, he changed his mind for a final time this morning.  I didn't have the heart to inform him that he couldn't wear it in the school building anyway.  Ultimately he opted to leave it at home so that it didn't get wet.  He also just knew he *NEEDED* a belt.  Just a little ridiculous, since he can't be bothered to wear one to Church or ever tuck his shirt in, any other time.  Ruth and Rebecca both just wanted something with leggings.  And Ruth picked the first outfit in her closet that was both leggings and shirt sleeve.  Then she told me she'd decide what to do with her hair in the morning, to see what she felt like, so headband it was.  Rebecca looked through everything 3 times, and then picked the thing, she picked out before she looked at anything.  I think she just wanted to be difficult.

The speech evaluations went well this morning.  We probably won't have the results back for a month, but initial thoughts are that Britt doesn't need any speech therapy, Rebecca might qualify for enunciation issues, and Ruth almost definitely will for both enunciation, pronunciation, and a slight stutter.  All in all, they did pretty well at the school.  We sat in the lunchroom, while they took turns going back alone.  Considering that it was eating into what is normally their morning playtime (or as Britt insists we call it recess), and that I had to actually wake the older two up to get ready this morning, I thought we did well.  Kate went to sleep in the car seat on the way, and slept through the entire hour and a half process and all the way back home again.

We picked up the schedule where we were so for our first day we knocked out history, lunch, read alouds, Bible verse memorization, handwriting, setting up our computer schooling, phonics, and reading to me.  We only missed math, journaling, and spelling because of the morning out of the house, and working out some kinks in the computer in the afternoon.  We even still managed a short trip up to the playground at the end of the day.  Of course, I spent a good chunk of this evening after supper and bedtime, working up some things for tomorrow, and adjusting the week's plans.  But all in all it was pretty good first day back to school.  Less problems than I would have guessed.

And for the inquiring minds, Kate wasn't cooperative at all today.  She never managed her second nap, so she spent a good chunk of the day crying.  Crying in the baby bed, crying in the swing, crying in the car seat, crying on her quilt in the floor.  She just wanted to be held, and while I held her a lot, I can't do everything with her in my arms, or in the carrier.  And then by this evening she was so, so tired it was ridiculous.  She even cried tonight in the bathtub which she loves.  So, I came through while Gary was trying to reason with her and handed her a bathtub book.  To be precise I propped it open on her belly.  She was quiet and staring at it for a good 10 minutes.  So when she started fussing.  Gary turned the page.  Hoping she settles down, in the next week.  I know she has been held a lot lately, and I love to do it.  But it's easier to work on Handwriting with Britt or teaching Rebecca how to form letters when I can actually show them what to do with their bodies, and when my handwriting actually doesn't look like a baby is bouncing all over me.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Set For a New School Year

In the few days that we were home this week, I finished getting ready for a new year of school.  Before we left for Alabama, I spent alot of time working out a new school schedule, new chore charts, and revamping things around here.  It's something I've gradually implemented.  We got the new bedtime routine in place, and then the new morning routine.  I got the new chore chart in place the week before we left.  All that's left to add back in is our school working during the day.

For a while I have wanted some type of command center.  I keep up with everything in my planner, but often Gary isn't sure when something is happening.  I've told him he can always check it, but I suppose he'd rather not.  Also during the day the kids often don't know what's going on next.  I've wondered if having things more visible for them would help them know what to keep up with what's next, and I color coded what's going on, just like I do in my school planner.

I have some of the school supplies that I need to reach quickly on the little curio shelf.  It looks really nice.  I have my basket hanging from my key hooks to hold the small dry erase board that Rebecca will be using this year for school, along with the ECLP that I'm using this year for a homeschool planner.  I thought I would try it out and see if I could get away with a smaller planner.  It seems like it will work for my weekly planning, and daily lesson plans, but I am missing all the extra pages that I use for notes and field trips, and things.

The cork board gives me one spot to keep everything.  So, I don't have some stuff on the fridge, on the desk, on the counter.   Since I'm also trying to take on some more of the cooking, since Gary's celery season is about to kick off I am trying to be a little more proactive with meal planning this fall.  Gary is particular about meat, so he has done the meat shopping ever since we got married.  So, for a while we have meal planned around the sale ads, combined with whatever we feel like eating in a given night.  Since we are going to allow the kids to be doing some stuff in the evenings this school year (like 4-H and GEMS), I need to have a better plan for cooking, since I'm a bit limited in that area.  I took a spare ECTP back cover, and cut the holes off, I took a permanent marker to label it, and then with some dry erase markers, wa-la, I have something we can easily see.  Again, color coded for who is cooking.

For now, I have the kids caddies sitting in the floor under everything.  I really wish I had a shelf for them, but I don't right now.  They are a little wide for a wall shelf, but take up so much space on the bookshelves that I need for storing school books, that I haven't yet thought of another solution.  Rebecca was so excited to get her's in the mail a few months ago.  She seems really excited to be starting school with everyone this fall.  Last year she wanted to work with us quite often, but wasn't really ready.  Britt and Ruth had her scared about doing "hard school" like them, but she seems to have settled down, when I reassured her that she wouldn't be doing that stuff yet, and that by the time she was ready for that it wouldn't be so hard anyway.

I have used navy and blue and white on all of our school stuff.  I worked up a school name, letter head, and such when we were in PA to make all of our correspondence look more professional.  It's nothing I had to do, but I find that the school district takes you more seriously and treats you with a greater degree of professional courtesy when you good the extra step to make things seem more business like and use the educational terms.  Anyway, the bag I've used for several years now, is still the go to place for the kids notebooks and the current read aloud, along with an assortment of pens and pencils and things.  This is the bag I grab if we are going to be doing school on the go.  But I also got the triple duty caddy this year when I hosted a 31 party.  (All of these bags are 31, They are really nice, and top notch quality.)  I'm planning to use it to hold some of the books and resources that the kids will need on a daily basis, along with some of the things I frequently use with them.  Right now those items are on the bookcases that hold all of our school materials, and organized in my desk. I want as much as possible this year to have everything we need in the dining room, where we do school.  I think the kids lose focus and I know I lose time, having to go and fetch things from other rooms.  All and all I'm really looking forward to starting our new school year tomorrow.