Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Raining Cats and Dogs

What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs?

If it rained cats and dogs, I would get some cats and dogs.  It would be fun for me and Britt and Rebecca, but not for Daddy.  Daddy would not like the cats in the house, but the only good thing is if we had cats, they would eat the mice and the rats.  We would get nine cats.  Four of them was boys, and five were girls.  I think Momma would like it too.  Three of them would be white with black spots.  Two of them would be black with white stripes.  And four more would be white with black stripes.  Their names would be Sparkle (girl), Speed (boy), Twinkle (girl), JuJu Bean just like in Skippy Jon Jones (boy), Diamond Star (girl), Zane (boy), Pinky (girl), Chrisum (boy), and Mitten (girl).  The cats and Ruth would play together and they would have lots of fun, until they had to let the cats go.  Because they didn't belong to us, they would belong to the sky.  The end.

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