Sunday, October 30, 2016

Give Away Your Love

Capture Your Grief - Day 29 - Give Away Your Love

Today's topic (well yesterdays, but I moved it to today) was about finding a way to extending kindness and give to others around you, in memory of your child.  There is another loss mom who does this really well, I've enjoyed reading her writings about her son Jensen Grey.  She has done several things, and always gives out cards that share his story.  She even found a way to include him in trick or treating last night, which I loved.

She's given me some ideas, because to be honest I still struggle with just how to include Abigail in our lives.  It's clear that she's changed our family, and it's clear that I want her acknowledged and included, it's just no clear how.  Sunday I did several things, none that I particularly want to share, but we did several things, with her in our mind.  And it was really good.  It was good to know that our love for her and her memory can be a first step in something good.  I suppose in a way it is beauty from ashes.

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