Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Britt's Dawn of the Dinosaur

When my time machine broke, I was stranded in the age of the dinosaurs...

I built a time machine, it scanned the dinosaur egg that turned into a rock, so off we went.  But something was wrong, and none of my stuff, and especially my food couldn't come with me.  Then I fell in the Cretaceous Period, in a big pond and went splash in the water.  I was fine, but I knew I wouldn't be for long if I stayed there.  I started walking, when I saw one T-Rex and one Triceratops battling.  The Triceratops started getting tired, so he started running away, but the T-Rex couldn't catch him.  Just then he smelled me, and started chasing me.  I knew I was in trouble.  I grabbed a vine and swung up into a tree where he couldn't reach me.  And you know, that they can't climb with their tiny little arms.  I stayed there, and I was safe, but I started getting hungry.  So, I saw an egg that hatched.  It was a little T-Rex.  I left it, but instead of it leaving me alone, it kept following me.  Even when I said go away.  I finally found another egg, and it wasn't hatching, so I boiled it, after I made a fire with some sticks.  Then I saw a straight piece of metal that was super shiny and clean.  I stuck it with the egg, and boiled it, to eat it.  I couldn't fish like a bear, so then I used the metal stick to catch the fish.  Then I cooked it over the fire, took the scales off and cooked it a little more before I ate it.  I was all full.  But then there was a big BOOM, BOOM, ARRUUUUUUU.  It roared, and I knew that roar anywhere.  It was a T-Rex, the same T-Rex, and it was battling a whole herd of Triceratops.  But the T-Rex grabbed the frill of one Triceratops, and hit the rest with his tail.  Then he threw the first one on top of the others.  He some how beat them all, and ate one of them.  By then it was night so he curled up to sleep.  I looked at my little T-Rex, and I knew I couldn't bring a dinosaur back to my time.  I started back after he went to sleep too, and I saw a Brachiosaurus, she was going to his nest.  She went to sleep in her nest with her baby and her husband.  Then I went to sleep.

The next morning I saw a Brachiosaurus running away from a troop of Velociraptors.  But then I saw a Velociraptor about to cling on, when the Brachiosaurus used his whip tail on him.  All the others ran away.  But they had taken out her husband and most of the herd.  All that was left was her baby.  Then a T-Rex came and started battling the Brachiosaurus, but when she hit him hard in the face he turned into a card. ("What?" I asked.  "Come on Momma, this is a made up story he replied.")  I grabbed the T-Rex card but there was one thing that surprised me.  It was still with me - my special watch.  So when I used the card, and matched it up with my watch, the T-Rex came out of the card.  Opps.  So I put it back in the card.  I put him in my pocket and started walking.  I thought I could use him to hunt for me.  Before you could say, "A mouse in pickles" there was a real big fire in the woods.  I knew I was in the same woods.  Instead of jumping over the fire.  I decided to use my T-Rex.  I got on his back, since he could step over the flames.  We got out of the forest, but then we all needed a bath, me the T-Rex, and the baby that had caught back up to me.  So I got out of my clothes and took a bath in the pond.  After my bath, I got dressed again.

Over the next several days, I managed to get all the dinosaur cards, in every period.  So then I had to match up one of the cards from each period.  I used a T-Rex for the Cretaceous, I used Parasarlopholus, Carnisaurus, and one more a Brachiosaurus.  I was able to come home, and that's how I became Paleontologist Britt!

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