Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Captain's Worst Day

When the captain got his first pirate hook, he had alot of trouble...

Captain  wanted to eat a cookie, to make him feel better, after his hand was cut off and ate by the Tick-Tock Croc.  So as he got down to the end of his cookie, he bit his hook, and all his teeth feel out.  After he glued his teeth back in his mouth, he decided to eat a banana to make his teeth feel better.  But, someone went over board, so he sent someone to save him.  As he went back to sit and eat his banana he slipped and broke his back.  When his back was almost healed, he could barely bend, and it was really hard to sit, but he decided to go for a walk.  He wanted to be sure everything on the ship was in tip-tip shape.  But as he walked through the kitchen he slipped on the banana peel again and broke his head.  So he wanted to lay down and take a little nap.  After his nap, he took a trip off the boat, to chop some wood.  When the tree fell, it squashed him flat like a pancake, and a stick poked out his eye, so he needed an eye patch.  Finally he was ready to chop up the tree into pieces, but while he was holding the ax with his hand and his hook, he dropped it and chopped off his leg, so that he needed a peg leg.  So, if you can help it, never get a pirate hook, or you might lose everything.

Captain Beard and his teddy bear.

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