Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Grief Rituals

Capture Your Grief - Day 19 - Grief Rituals

I'm not sure that it's been long enough to be sure if any of what we do are rituals.  So far we muddled through the first year.  I would like to continue to light Abigail's candle on her special days, her birthday, PAILs day, her due date.  I really enjoyed Gary taking off the day, and us going up to her grave, and spending the day together as a family.  He doesn't know that we should do that next year, he doesn't like taking off of work, especially as we don't do that for the others, but I'd like to do that again.  We included her in family pictures this year by taking picture with her rabbit out at her swing.  Maybe after we have been at this longer, I'll have more of routine in the way that we remember her and include her in our lives.

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