Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prayer Request

We would greatly appreciate it if you would remember Bro. Buddy in your prayers. It appears that he has had a relapse of the diverticulitis, that he had back several weeks ago, or perhaps it never really healed. He has an infection now, and isn't feeling well at all. He's had alot of pain and they have him on morphine right now in the hospital. They are planning to run a colonoscopy and a few other test in the morning, and hope that he will be ready to go home by Saturday, but we'll see.

As for an update on Mom. Thanks for all your prayers, she's already doing more than she is suppose to. She went home yesterday morning, and is feeling much better than she did before. The doctors told her that she was luck that they took care of everything when they did, because she had alot more cyst than they orginially thought. Of course, she had to correct them and tell them that she was blessed. :)


Jeremy Sarber said...

We'll be praying for him. I actually go to preach for Fort Wayne church tomorrow and in case they haven't heard I'll ask them to pray as well. Thanks for letting us know.

Dani said...

Just an update on Bro. Buddy. He will be in the hospital until tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Because the infection is so sever it will be six weeks before they are able to do a colonoscopy. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he is in alot of pain.