Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have been so homesick the last week or so. I'm really over due for a trip home, as I haven't been since Thanksgiving. I was hoping to go a few weeks ago but car problems, postponed that. Now I keep trying to tell myself that I can wait until Grandma's wedding and just plan to stay a little longer than Gary.

However, it's seems like everything is reminding me of home these days. The azaleas are in full bloom, and we had alot of those in the yard at home. Mother had one redbud tree and I saw one of those blooming yesterday. We have several dogwood trees in our yard (four I think). I'm sure you can guess what I saw blooming this morning. Yep, dogwoods.

I wish we could move back to Alabama. Not that I don't love Gary and Little Union, if it wasn't for the two of them, there would be absolutely no reason to live here. Does anyone else have this problem?


Anonymous said...

Poor, Poor Dani;
This is an all to common ailment. I remember when Miss Beverly and I first got married, I was drafted in the Army and sent to Maryland. Then if that was not far enough away we were sent to Germany. Germany was beautiful and I would not trade any of the experiences that I had there, but It was not home. I think it made me appreciate home. I don't think I really appreciated what I had until it was taken away. Never the less we had a lot of growing up to do, and it was a special time of closeness with the Lord that we needed. And Miss Beverly and I learned to be very dependent on each other. I was not able to depend on family or anyone else. We were totally dependent on the Lord and each other. Looking back I will say that even though I am home now I learned some valuable lessons. Family is very important, and they love you and they are there for you, but the Lord will be with you in the middle of the night when you are the most home sick. By the way I think the scripture is very clear that it's the man that is to leave father & mother and cleave unto his wife. Men do get home sick also...Don't let them pretent other wise, but they are supposed to be the stronger vessel. Tell Brother Gary B. if he's not going to move to Ala. then he needs to make arrangements to get you more home time. It will be good for him also. But also remember Home is where the heart is. If God has placed you here then it is for a good reasion. Remember what happend to Jonah when he was not content to go where the Lord wanted him to go. May God Bless you with contentment in what so ever state you are in. Fla/Ala

Kelly's Dad

~*Rachel*~ said...

Oh girl I feel you on this one! I have moved 4 times in my life and lived in 4 different states. I feel as if I have lost a part of me from each move because I had dear friends, relatives and my church family to leave behind each time.

I miss the simplicity of Georgia, the peanut feilds, and the red dirt. ( I have so many memories from there even though we moved when I was very very little)

I missed my dear El Bethel family in Florida

I miss the hills, the beautiful seasons, and all the things you do about Alabama. ( all of my releatives are in Alabama since mom and dad were both raised there, I think I miss living there the MOST)

I miss the country life, the corn and soybean feilds, the snow,and spring of Indiana.

And now I'm back in Florida! But I wouldn't want to ever trade my life for anything else, or have stayed in just one of those states, because each new move God has blessed me so much and has proved to me that His will is the right will and it's such a joy serving him!

But I haven't seen my relatives in about a year, so I know how u feel, it's hard, very very hard, and I think Bro. Sonny pretty much explained it all!