Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So we didn't make it to church tonight, sadly. Tonight at six was the only appointment that Gary could get for us to get our taxes done.

I've never had someone do my taxes. The first year I worked, Daddy helped me file them. We've always done them ourself so this is new. I feel kinda guilty for all the deductions they found. Like I'm ripping someone off or something. For example, internet and and my cell phone was writen off for business, but in reality neither one is primarily for business.

Are these legitimate? What are your thoughts.


Kelly Spezzano said...

You're blog reminds me of the H&R Block commercials... Gary's got people!

Well, according to our accountant, it is supposed to be "exclusive" use for the business. I was not able to write off my laptop (when we purchased it) because I used it for personal use as well as for working from home- One too many spider solitare games, I guess! LOL

I think that the IRS probably is more worried about Wesley Snipes right now than whether or not your phone was used solely for business! :)

jsarber said...

I wouldn't feel too guilty about it. You're not really ripping anyone off. The entire purpose of tax deductions is for the government to give breaks to those who are doing something to aid the country and economy.