Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am very unhappy right now.

Gary's car has had two problems in a month. The brakes were pretty much gone, so they had to be replaced, and a there were a few other complications. Gary managed to talk him down from $400 to $260, but still. Also, Gary had to get new tires several months ago and they either bent his rim or it was bent and they didn't tell him. The rim has been letting air out of the tire so that he's had to fill it up more often than usual. He had been planning to get a new rim, but Monday it wouldn't hold air at all, he didn't make it all the way to work. Phil, one of the brothers from El Bethel Church in Tampa, happened to have a tire and rim the right size in so, Gary's going to be picking it up from him last night for just $50.

However, when Gary arrived to change out the tire this morning the car had been towed. It's not like we abandoned the car, we had a flat. It was Tuesday before we could find a tire and rim, then it was Wednesday before we could get it from Phil. They towed it Tuesday evening late, after Gary checked on it. Now it's going to cost us another $200 to get it back, and they notified the insurance company and the bank the loan is from. Why? What purpose did that serve?

I suppose we should have left it, even over night, but it was in a well lit parking lots, with several other cars around. This is just most annoying and means that I won't be able to go home next week now, because the money has to be used elsewhere.


jsarber said...

I cannot believe they towed it. They should have been able to see it was only a flat tire. People do not abandon cars for a flat tire. They should have given you at least a day or two to get it.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Do you know the old tin can I used to own before me and Jim got married died on Lithia Pinecrest and we left it in a Chevron parking lot for like 3 days (secretly praying someone would steal it or tow it) and it stayed there the WHOLE time!

I think someone was having a BAD day and decided to take it out on Gary's litte car...

Or the other theory is that the Lord was "pre-paying" Gary back for the prank played this weekend!
(LOL j/k)