Monday, February 04, 2008

Newest Kitty

Gary has finally agreed to let me post this picture for naming suggestions as we can't decide on a name. She is a 6 year old traditional Siamese. She is a seal-point, has light blue eyes, and a slight kink in her tail. She is pretty shy and reserved, and currently likes sleeping under my letter desk, and (above) in the tv stand with the doors open in our bedroom.

The previous owner called her Mitts, but gosh that seems awefully plain and generic. My favorite names have been Sheba, Sadie, and Lady. Gary's has been Kibble, Cocoa, and Meow Ming.

The only rule to this game is that no one is to know that we are currently housing another cat. Gary thinks it makes him look lame/weak/whatever around his non-cat loving family.


Kelly Spezzano said...

I am usually not fond of the look of Siamese cats, but she is really pretty. When I look at the markings on her face, the black makes me think of the clover shape, so I would vote for Clover, as the name.

How do she and Brodie get along?

Dani said...

You know, till you said that and I looked at her picture again, I had not noticed that she has a clover pattern on her face.

Brodie is really curious, he has snuck up behind her several times and pounced on her tail so as a result she's really leary of him. She has a cold too and I think that once she's over that she'll feel much, much better.

strem said...

First of all, Gary cracks me up.

Secondly, I like Clover too. I thought, HEY it looks kind of like a spade on her face, but I realized that wouldn't be the best name for a kitty. If you look up clover in Chinese, I think the pronunciation is something close to mew (or MYOOO). But, you may be able to hear the closer pronunciation on your computer.

Lastly, she's beautiful. A gorgeous cat.

~*Sara*~ said...

Hey Dani
Your new kittie is so pretty. my mom had a siamese cat when she was little and her name was Tanya (tan-yah). I tought it was a neat name. I will post another if I think of one.

~*Rachel*~ said...

I love Siamese cats, like you , I've always wanted one. I just think they look so cool and like they are some ancient cat breed...idk. lol!

I like Clover friend had one named Cleopatra..ha ha, a little too much though.