Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All Around Updates

First, Bro. Buddy went home yestserday. He is still pretty tired, but they have him on some pain medication, some antibotics for the infections, and are planning to do a colonoscopy in six weeks. They were not able to do one in the hospital already because they were afraid of rupturing his colon.

Secondly, Mom continues to inprove. Today she is going to town, getting out of the house and driving on her own for the first time since the surgery. She's already ordered all of us to stop bringing her food, and carry it to the Abernathy's instead.

Nextly, the plague has been going around down here, aka some version of the flu/stomache bug. Several have been sick last week I was sick for about 12 hours, and was feeling tired in the morning until this morning. Gary was pretty sick for a couple of days. Abel has been sick for about a week, and as of last night Sara seems to have caught it. (I've moved on to the Abernathy's now.) Hopefully everyone will be back to normal in the next few days.

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Jeremy Sarber said...

I've heard this has been the worst year yet for the flu.