Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Cleaning

The sisters always make a point to clean either every Monday or every other. However, several were sick today. Mom is sick, and she thinks Brystal might be sick. Sis. Kelly is sick and so is Brady. So the sisters decided not to clean today. However, since I was already at the Abernathy's and had Gary's church key, me, Sara, Rachel, Lydia, Chole, and Abel went on to go clean.
First we changed out the sign, since we were worried about rain. We put up Acts 2:1 and Phillipians 2:2, about being of one accord. Then we headed in. While Sara, Rachel, and I vaccumed the sancuary, the little ones cleaned and dried the letters from last week and put them away. Then While we vaccumed the hallway and the lunchroom, Lydia swept the floors (and cleaned the bathrooms even though we thought they looked clean), Chole vaccummed the pews, and Abel straighten the books, dusted, and bagged up the trash. They did a once over while I mopped and we were still done by noon!


Owl of the Desert said...

Way to go! That's amazing. I feel terribly lazy now.

Kelly Spezzano said...

What sweet little worker bees you all are! Thanks for the dedication!