Monday, February 04, 2008

Bible Reading

Saturday night Gary and I finished reading the Old Testament together I am so excited!!!

Something that we have done that makes a world of difference in our attitude toward each other and a stronger couple is that we study the Bible together. I'm not positive but I don't think Gary has ever read the Bible all the way through, and while I have tried several times, I never seem to make it. Joshua is about the furtherest I've read.

This habit started when we were dating. To learn more about each other we often asked the other what's your favorite verses, book, song, and why. We even studied the book of Ruth together over the phone over a couple of nights.

We got married on July 7th, but on the 1st we started reading together 5 psalms a night and one chapter of proverbs. The night before we got married I had to read it over the phone, and we talked about it and Gary said prayer before we got off. We had finished both books by the end of July and started at the beginning of the Bible. We haven't read every night but we try to not forget, and sometimes read double the next night to make up. We talk about what we've read and Gary always says prayer before we go to bed and sometimes I add things at the end if he forgets.

I guess I'm just so happy to have a husband to study with and to encourage me. We are hoping to be finished by July. Then we think we might study some topics together.


strem said...

Dani, having a husband that wants to study God's word and study with you is a blessing I hope you will never take for granted. Love to you both.

Owl of the Desert said...

That's great! What a blessing. Looking forward to seeing you two very soon!