Sunday, February 24, 2008

Florida Fellowship Meeting... (take 3)

We had a very good weekend at the FFM last weekend. Little Zion hosted it, and they are currently without a pastor. They had it at the Ramada Inn in Kissimee. They did an amazing job, they put alot of work and money into the meeting up front and they don't have that many members. They didn't want to hand the meeting off, because they wanted the blessing of holding it, and I believe that the Lord blessed their faith. We had a great time visiting with a lot of people, but the best part was services. I think that my favorite two where Doff Painter's "Six Ground Types" and Bro. Lonnie's "God the Gardener."

Bro. Painter started in Hebrews 11 talking about Moses. He laid out Moses as an example for us. Moses starts out as a benificiary of his parents faith. Because they had faith in God, and didn't fear men, he was saved in that he lived. Next he will walk away from a cushy life in Egypt refusing to be called the son of Pharoh's daughter, and later leaves Egypt all together and benifits in a closer walk with God. When he shows further faith in keeping the passover he saves his family namely his son and his older brother. Finally his faith will save the people of Isreal. He used it as a great example of how the faith we exercise, as it becomes more mature, we gain blessings from God for ourselves, our families, and even out community. I really liked the way that he explained it. Next he went on to explain that if we charted Moses's faith on a graph it wouldn't be a straight shot upward. There were dips. There were times when he doubted and sined: in killing the Egyptian, in telling God he couldn't/wouldn't lead his people, in failing to circumstize his son, etc. He compared those dips to the 6 ground types in Mark 4. He gave examples in his life of each, and then told us that we are to be striving for 100 fold. It was a really good sermon.

Then Bro. Lonnie preached two sermons that I really loved. In the first one he gave this great imagery of how Satan was hoping to take away the one thing that meant the most to God, his son. He talked about how he planned and schemed and then when he thought that he won, Jesus did the one thing that Satan never saw coming, He forgave everyone. Bro. Lonnie did a great job with it. The sermon I most liked though was the one that he preached about God being a Gardner. He talked about how God loves a Garden and how He finds joy in the beautiful (Song of Solomon 5:1). Then he how we were a plant grown up in Him, and as such are we just going to take up space or bear fruit? He then went on and told us that the whole reason that we are to bear fruit, is because it gives God great joy. Like a grandbaby brings a grandparent great joy. He reminded us that the whole world is God's and it and we are only here for His pleasure. Aunt Joanna and I talked about the sermon some afterwords, and we both agreed that we had never really thought about being able to please God and bringing Him that kind of joy.

Next year it is our turn to hold it at Little Union so ya'll will have to come down! It's February 13, 14, and 15 so put it on your calendar, because Gary wants to have a houseful.

The messages preached were:
Elder John Yadamec: Perspective of man vs. Perspective of God
Elder Doug Meeks: 'Consider'
Elder JC Stanaland: Environment in which the early church prospered
Elder Mike Green: How many will be in Heaven?
Elder Lonnie Mozingo Jr.: Being subject/obedient to civil authority
Elder Daniel Woods: Good in HIS sight
Elder Dolph Painter: Doctrine of Circumcision
Elder Charles Kitchens: The word of God is for God's children
Elder JC Stanaland: Men in the Bible who did not persevere
Elder Dolph Painter: Six Ground Types (Parable of the Sower)
Elder Lonnie Mozingo Jr.: God the Gardener
Elder John Yadamec: Godly habits vs. Rituals
Elder Charles Kitchens: The New Creature
Elder Daniel Wood: Christ~ the husband of one bride
Elder Doug Meeks: The New Birth
Elder Doug Meeks: God is not mocked (Reap what you sow)

If anyone wants a copy of any of the sermons talk to Sis. Kelly as she and Bro. Jim are in charge of all that good stuff.

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I think I will make a note of it. It sounds like I missed a great meeting.