Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sacred Space

10-21-2015, Capture Your Grief - Day 21, Sacred Space

I haven't really had a place to go and "be" with Abigail. I have a shelf in our bedroom at home with a few things on it. And we have her grave, but since we have been living in PA and she's buried back home at Little Union in Florida, I've not "seen" her since we left after the funeral. When her stone is placed it will face this beautiful giant, live oak in the back of the Church yard. I like to think about hanging a swing out there on that perfect branch. It would be something old fashioned looking, made of board and rope. I like to think about sitting out there on that swing, and praying. I haven't talked to her, but it's a good place to pray. I like to think about all the other kids who run around that yard playing, swinging on it. I like to imagine her still connected and part of us even though she's gone. It's a happy thought.

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