Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Heals You

10-28-2015, Capture Your Grief - Day 29, What Heals You

Since I still didn't make time to do Day 27's post, I'm just continuing with the off a day theme. I'm having trouble with the next assignment though. Carley Marie wrote, "So for today, spend some time asking yourself what is it that heals you? What brings joy to your heart? If you cannot think of anything, maybe you could revisit something that you used to love doing and go from there." I'm not sure what really brings joy to my heart. I suppose spending time with our little family, spending time with the Church, spending time with our very best friends. I suppose being creative helps. Seems like if I go too many days without writing, or coloring something, or working on my grief journal, or cross-stitching (like right now) everything feels more overwhelming and I get grouchy. Seems like just moving through our days takes alot right now, and it's difficult to set aside the time to do those things.

Today's picture was part of SweetPea's Luminary Vigil,
 they did this month. This one was for our Abigail.

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