Thursday, October 01, 2015


10-01-2015, Capture Your Grief - Day 1 - Sunrise

Sunrise here this morning was at 7:02, but there was no sun to be seen, just the continuing cloud and rain, I checked out the window a few more times hoping for a glimpse of the sun. (Ironically enough that's about how this journey feels.) Nothing but rain and mist so heavy that it was almost impossible to see the neighbor's horse in the pasture by the house.

So I opted to do something different with today's post. I opted for "son rise" in our house. Each morning these three heathens wake up and attack the day with a vengeance. Our son wakes up the girls, and by the time we decide to peek into the room it looks like an explosion of dinosaurs, cars, and bed covers.

While I have an almost unbearable ache of what dynamic our fourthborn would have brought to this crazy trio, these three have also been immensely comforting. Even Rebecca who is never cuddly has been cuddly the last month. While it is bitter that life goes on, unchanged for everyone else, it is also good to know that for them, some things never change.

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