Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reach Out

10-27-2015, Capture Your Grief - Day 28, Reach Out

I'm going to skip today's post since I didn't have a chance to do the work for it. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow since, I'm doing tomorrow's today. For Day 28, we're encouraged to reach out "give love, show compassion and kindness." I figured out REALLY, REALLY early in this journey that I felt better when I was praying for others. For example, because I don't think her Momma would mind me calling her out, we pray for Brooke every night. She had major surgery shortly after Abigail died, and I spent alot of that day while we were driving down to FL for the funeral praying for her. Of course, since I've read Bro. David's post for years encouraging us to not focus merely on ourselves but serve, care for, and pray for others, I already intellectually knew what I should be doing. And you know what, he was right, it is healing.

So today, I was able to do something of service that felt very, very special. For years we've gotten handme downs from the rest of the cousins (all girls who live in Florida). And if you know me, I hate to get rid of something that might be useful later, so even though we had WAY too many clothes, I never got rid of anything until it was too wore out to use. Oh a few times, I'd sit down with Heather and we'd sort through clothes, and I'd consign some, and take the money to get Britt clothes, but for the most part, since my girls are the youngest, they just kept piling up. So with special attention to the things that Heather told me to save, and NEVER get rid of, I started sorting through summer clothes a month ago. I mean they have 11 months of summer down there, and I only get 3 good weeks up here, I didn't need so much summer stuff. With alot of help from Kathy yesterday, I sorted, labeled and loaded up the extras. Today the kids and I went with them and some maternity things, and lots of shoes, and donated them to Morning Star Pregnancy Choices in Harrisburg. They help women who find themselves pregnant and don't know what to do, to let them know that they have help and they do have options other than abortion. It was incredibly healing to me, to know that these clothes that Abigail wouldn't be able to wear, would bless another little girl, infact LOTS of other little girls.

I hope to have a chance to finish sorting the winter stuff before we move, and carry them another load. After all I won't be needing winter stuff as far South as we will be moving.
Today's picture was picked out by Britt,
from the ones I took today. This is one from the top of Peter's Mountain.

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