Thursday, September 05, 2013

First Foods

Rebecca has been eating solids for a week now.  For the last month or so we've had to give her a bottle of formula about 2 sometimes 3 evenings a week, after I would feed her.  In the last week or so before we started feeding her she was taking an extra 8 oz bottle of formula 4 or sometimes 5 nights a week.  I don't know if my production is down, if she's more like Britt and is too busy to be bothered with nursing or a combination.  We got quite a bit of formula samples for free from Enfamil again just in case, but we don't want to have to start buying it unless we have to, so even though I had considered waiting a little longer, I thought it was time to start solids.
I had debated making baby food again, like I did for Britt.  But to be honest, it was really economical when we could buy in bulk from southwestern and I could spend a couple of days cooking it all up and using the blender.  It was incredibly time consuming, and we found out the hard way, that after you feed them that, you better carry it with you everywhere, because they will not eat the store bought.  Since we can't get vegetables in bulk, and we didn't put in a garden this year, it's not that much cheaper, not enough for me to be willing to put in that kind of time investment when I'm also trying to do a little homeschooling.  I bought a couple of everything to try out with her, and maybe by that point, she'll be able to eat more table food anyway.  Despite the insane amount of chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling there are still no teeth in there, so we will see.
Last Thursday we began with oatmeal.  She had that through Sunday.  I also decided this time around instead of alternating a vegetable with a fruit, that we are going to introduce all the vegetables first.  It will probably make no difference, I mean who likes peas better than apples?  Maybe she'll do better with them than the others did.  So on Monday I started with green beans.  Tomorrow I'm going to move on to the English peas.
She's been a little more challenging than the other two were.  They were messy yes, but generally speaking they seemed to want to eat.  She will grab for the spoon, but tends to shove 99% of what she ate back out.  I'm throwing out more than she is eating.  She's gotten a little better with it this week than last, but she eats about half as much as I started the other two out with.  She definitely liked the green beans better than the oatmeal.  I'm not much of an oatmeal fan myself.  I don't know if it will just take some practice for her, or if it will just take her time to decide she wants to eat something other than from a bottle (or me).  If she doesn't improve some in the next few weeks, I may just pull out the actual solid, but mushy food, and give that a try, teeth or no teeth.

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