Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Like Cooking

Today I did rolling it up with the apples to make candy with the apples.  The first step was to feed Kita, and then I crushed cans.  Momma was washing dishes and her hands.  Then we were ready to cook.  Momma was cutting up some apples.  Then we pulled some stuff out.  Then I painted it with butter.  Then we sprinkled cim-m-and-m (Cinnamon) and salt (Sugar).  Then we sticked one apple in the middle and rolled it all up.  Then it was Ruth's turn.  Then they had to cook by putting them in the oven.

Daddy was super surprised.  He ate them right away at lunchtime.  I didn't eat any, cause I don't like apples.  Daddy liked them though.  Ruth liked them.  Momma liked them.  Rebecca because she's not a big girl, she didn't get to eat them.  They smelled good and they were so warm.  I liked cook them one time.  I might cook them again some time.  Ok bye, I'm going outside.

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