Monday, September 02, 2013

Our Labor Day Weekend

We've had a good weekend.  It's been great to relax, hang out with friends, and get a few things knocked off the to do list.  On Friday and Saturday I worked alot on preparing my first week worth of stuff for homeschooling.  And in grand procrastinating fashion, I intend to finish up my lesson plans tonight.  The only thing I didn't get knocked off my to do list in that department, is picking up the books from the library that I wanted on dinosaurs.  I went by on Saturday, but they close WAY earlier than normal on that day, and I didn't realize it, since we almost always go on Thursday or Friday.  I will pick those things up in the morning.
On Friday, Ruth and I had a dentist appointment, and Gary and Britt went to theirs on Saturday.  I've not decided whether or not we will use this guy permanently.  He is one of the few that take our insurance in the valley, and I hate, hate, hate the idea of having to drive an hour to Harrisburg to do all of our dentist, doctor's appointments, etc.  Britt did very well for his first appointment.  He looks very tense in the pictures, but when he got home, he came running in and told me with the biggest smile on his face, that "It didn't hurt at all, and now my teeth are sparkly, clean teeth like yours."
Yesterday, we headed to Old Carroll for Church on Sunday.  Bro. Jonathan has continued preaching on the fruits of the spirit, and spoke on Gentleness.  Gary and I agreed that we don't think we have ever heard a sermon on it.  He focused on Christ as the picture of gentleness, and gave one definition as power with restraint.  It's an area I could obviously use some work in since I have a short temper, and could be a bit more gracious in my speech.  I can be too blunt, and while we are to speak the truth plainly, I could afford to be a little more careful with my wording, to be more gentle.  While visiting last night, he gave us the "cliff notes" version of last Sunday's sermon on long-suffering.
We had a really great time, yesterday at the Cook's.  After lunch at Church Sis. Jacque and her two kids came by before having to go and pick up her husband from the airport.  The Dixons came over, and Britt and Christopher couldn't get enough of each other.  They did remarkably well.  Only getting too rough a few times, mostly in the pool.  Brenda and Dave and their little boy came over.  The kids all ran around, playing in the house, in the back yard, and obviously we all went down to the pool for a little while.  Later on, Sis. Hazel and Sis. Bonny came back over.  After a while, Gary and I were able to do something we've been wanting to do most of the summer.  We cooked for everyone.  I say we, Gary cooked, and I made my Strawberry-Spinach Salad.  Gary did grilled corn, and his wonderful grilled chicken.  He also made squash and onions in a cast iron skillet on the grill.  We had crescent rolls to go with the meal.  Afterward, Sis. Kimberly whipped out her banana pudding.  Talking today, I found out that contrary to what I thought, Gary didn't measure out my sugar for me ahead of time, so the salad dressing was WAY too sweet yesterday.  At least for me.  I thought that he had put half a cup of sugar in the bag for me, but turns out he just dumped some in a bag.  Sheesh.
We ended up sitting around, talking, visiting, and playing a neat game (that I've already forgot the name of) until 10 last night.  I wasn't remotely planning to spend the night, and hadn't packed anything.  But, Bro. Jonathan talked Gary into it.  Ok, Gary didn't have to be talked so much, since it would have been around 1 by the time we got home.  Instead we sat up till 3 talking scripture and solving all the world's problems.  We could have stayed up longer, but at some point you really have to call it a night, especially since the kids don't care how late you stayed up the night before. haha.
Sister Kimberly made some really good blueberry pancakes before we left this morning.  I apologized 45 times for wreaking whatever family day they had planned, but they both insisted we didn't.  By the time we got home it was afternoon, and we have all had naps in shifts today, haha.  I've not gotten any of my to do list projects done, but it was worth it.  My only regret, is that I didn't manage a single picture of the day.  I am going to wake Gary up shortly to have him help me get this house back in order, so that I don't start tomorrow behind.  And the to-do-list will keep for another day.

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