Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All About Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Toys

On my corn field trip, I went to the biggest city of the Outer (United) States, New York City.  I saw dinosaurs.  I saw T. Rex and Brontosaurus but Apatosaur is his real name.  Apatosaur was a little big, he had strings to hold up his neck.  We saw footprints in the sand by Apatosaur.  I also saw Pterodactyl on the ceiling, hanging from those things. We saw a frog that had two teeth sticking out of his nose.  I liked plesiosaur.
We saw some crocodillians that we read about.  Phytosaur has two special things.  He has his nostrils, that's the holes in your nose, he has his nostrils next to his eyes on top of his head.  And he has extra long teeth in front.  We sawed Super Croc's cousins.  I wanted to see a Gharial but they didn't have any.  We also saw Rauisuchians and they ran fast and had really big eyes.
We saw things to help them dig in the sand.  They were digging for bones.  We saw the team that was digging for dinosaur bones.  We saw the dentist things, that they clean the teeth of of the alligator bones.  Then we found triceratops and lots of dinosaur bones, crocodile bones, and bug bones.  hahahaha.  No bug bones.
We found Mammoths, Mastodons, and Elephant bones.  Mammoths are the biggest and they have round (curved) tusks.  Mastodons was kinda smaller and tinier.  They had straight tusk.  Elephants were in the middle (size), and they don't have fur because they live in hot places and warm places.  Mammoths and Mastodons live in cold places.  Elephants have big ears to fan flies and cool off.  Mammoths and Mastodons have small ears so they don't freeze.  Elephants hold hands with their trunks.

We went in the store.  I liked those toy Mammoths, so I thought I would pickeded them.  I loved him and named him Manny.  I wanted to keep him forever, for lots and lots and lots of days.  I want to play with him all day, every time I want to.  And, I like to make him walk, and pretend run, and talk.  I had to trade my money in my wallet for him.  I gave my money to Daddy.  Ruth got plesiosaur.  She cried after she traded her money, she wanted it back in her purse.  I liked it.

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