Wednesday, September 04, 2013

School Time

(Ruth seems to be enjoying school too.  I don't know how much she picks up when I am reading.  She likes to sit and look at the pictures, but often ends up playing with monkey or her little white bear while I read longer, more technical books with Britt.  I always let her pick one for me to read first, so that I have her attention for at least one book.  She must be listening at least some, because she told me about crocodillians.  We didn't really think that she could count higher than 5, or that she recognized any numbers by sight.  She's always quick to parrot Britt, but not offer up any answers on her own.  She sure surprised me today, when I gave her a turn playing with the math cards I made.)

I like all school.  I like playing at school best.  I play with monkey cause he loves me.  And I have a polar bear.  Math game is counting game.  It is my favorite. Me know 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, 7, 8, 9.  Me know lot.  I don't always remember how all the numbers look.  But in the math came the circle on the bottom and circle on the top is one, and a circle in the bottom and a stick on the top is another one, and the ball on the top and the stick on the bottom is another one.  There is alot, alot of numbers.  Me read about books some dinosaurs.  Some bigger than our house that eat leaves, and some with big teeth.  We are talking about croc-and-dill-and-dinosaurs (crocodillians).  Momma say we do more water dinosaurs next week like sharks!  Me learn to use the bathroom like a big girl.  Yeah, that part of school.  I learn to close one eye like Grumps.  I color two pictures for Momma and Daddy.  Me like everything at school, especially breakfast, and lunch, and cookies, and milk.

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