Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Great Gratz Fair

(Really that was the name of the fair.)

Momma: What kinds of things did you see at the fair?
Ruth:  Me see Sid and got a lollipop from him.  Me like Sid. My plesiosaurus name is Sid.  Just like that Sid.  I saw lights, and tractors, and people, and cars, and I don't know.

Momma:  Did you ride some rides?
Ruth:  Yeah, me rode with Daddy.  I rode a super slide.  Britt didn't want to.  I rode some bears.  They turn around.  Daddy turned too fast, and I said, "Ahhahahahhhhaaa."  I ride a choo-choo train.  The ropes to keep you from falling off were the best part.  I rode the ferris wheel last.
Momma:  What all could you see?
Ruth:  I could see all the fair.  There were strawberries, I wanted to ride, but Daddy not let me.  I could see lights, and more rides.  I saw the moon.  I saw Momma, Britt, and Rebecca too.

Momma:  What did you eat at the fair?
Ruth:  French fries and a corn dog.  They were super good.  They were the best corn dogs ever.  Daddy got me something special - blue and pink cotton candy.  Cotton candy is different.  It is sticky, and makes sticky juice.  Daddy brought it home, and I eat it before bedtime.  Momma and Daddy shared some pretzel with me too.

Momma:  What was your favorite part?
Ruth:  Cotton Candy.
Momma:  You want to go again sometime?
Ruth: Ummm, yes!

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