Monday, September 09, 2013

1 Year Old Kita

8-24, Kita, almost 1 year
Tomorrow Kita will be 1 year old.  It's amazing how much she has grown and filled out.  She is still a puppy in SO many ways.  The insane amount of energy she has for one thing.  She likes to chew on sticks, but doesn't bother much else.  She still grubs, but doesn't dig big holes. She still wants to wallow in your lap.  Apparently she thinks she is a 3 pound tea cup Yorkie not a 45lb Husky.
10-12, Kita, 1 month old
I have been looking into some training classes for the two of us. Gary promised me a while back that when things got to be more settled, i could plan to go to one with her one night a week.  it will let me do something i enjoy and have time awayfrom the kids. Her only really bad habit, that I've got to work on breaking her of, is her tendency to leap 6 ft in the air when you first walk up to her or when she gets excited. But I am also hoping to get some pointers on improving her stay, it is only about 3 seconds long, and her leash walking. She must think she is pulling a sled all by herself in the Iditorod anytime we try to walk.  We will probably start that October 15th.

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