Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"U Yor City"

We got on a field trip to U Yor City (New York City).  I saw the bad rhinos in "Ice Age," a frog with two teeth in his nose, and little tvs.  They had pictures of dinosaurs and talked about them.  I didn't see any grass.  No, no grass.  I think the wind blow it away.  Cause there is no grass.  I don't know why.  The buildings were super tall, and there were alot of buildings - maybe two. 

That duck dinosaur was my favorite.  He was very funny, cause he had a duck bill. Ahahahahaha.  That dinosaur had a duck mouth.  I also liked triceratops and stegosaurus.  Stegosaurus had plates for eating plants because he had flat teeth.  He was "herbabor" (herbivore).  Triceratop was a big fossil, he was a super fossil.  He eat plants.  He had three horns on his forehead.
My favorite was the "pretorac" shark (prehistoric shark).  Momma is reading about prehistoric sharks this week.  We read about Ichthyosaurus.  He has large orbitals, those are eyes.  He had red skin on top, and no scales.  We know because they found red in his fossils.  He was born tail first like a whale.  We also read about Nothosaurus, he swam with his strong arms like this.  (She's is flailing both arms around over here, like a crazy person.)  The last one we are reading about this week is a mosasaur.  He swims with a strong tail.  To catch fish, he bonks em with his nose, and they can't move so he eats em, yum-um-um-um-um.  I am going to bonk Grumps with my nose and eat him up.  Yeah!  ahahahahaha.  I will share my animal crackers with him too.
I got a plesiosaur and I named him Sid.  Like Sid the"Swap" (Sloth) in "Ice Age."  Sid is a swimming dinosaur.  Momma says we will do all the plesiosauruses next week.  I liked it there, even with no grass.  I could live there.

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