Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Done List

Tomorrow is official the first day of fall.  In light of that, I thought I would stop to take stock of all we've accomplished this summer.  I got the idea from another blog that I follow.  A lady that I ran into both on Backyard Chicken and who also is a fan of FlyLady.  I am fascinated with her post, because after many years working toward that goal, they moved out of town onto a working farm.  I've not got the goal in mind of raising hundreds of chickens for meat birds or putting up all the food we eat.  It's just more work than I want at least at this point, and as Gary knows I like my meat looking like it does at Winn Dixie, however, I'm always hoping to do a little more gardening and putting up for us.  She has really great ideas that I like storing away for future use.  Anyway, she had the great idea this year, to not only keep a "to-do-list," but also a "done list."  If I get to looking around at what all we still need to do with this house, just for winter, it could quickly get overwhelming and depressing, so I like the idea of looking back to see just how much we have accomplished this summer.
  • First we moved over 500 miles with a dog and three kids one of which was 2 months old at the time.  That in and of it's self is a major accomplishment in my mind.
  • Painted the living room, laundry room, two bedrooms, bathroom, landing and stairway.
  • Primed all the above rooms, and 4 closets.
  • Painted trim in all the above rooms and one more bedroom.
  • Painted the front and back doors inside and out.
  • Patched excessively (though not quiet enough) in all above rooms.
  • Cleaned out, repaired, and painted a number of built in cabinets.
  • Painted and repaired the clothesline.
  • Cleaned 18 windows and 18 pairs of really nasty blinds, managed to salvage all but 5 saving money!
  • Thanks to Mom, we found and cleaned screens for all of those windows, she patched some and I'm still needing to finish patching the rest.
  • Thanks to Dad, we refinished the dining room floor and sealed it.
  • He also repaired the front glass door.
  • He also built a spectacular fence.
  • He also installed 4 ceiling fans, a hood vent, and a sink light.
  • Thanks to Dad and Gary, we have an outside water spigot.
  • Thanks to Gary, my laundry room sink is hooked up (though I've yet to clean it out to be usable).
  • Despite getting brand new appliances for the entire house, Gary has already repaired the fridge water line once, and we had someone come to fix the ice machine in it another time.
  • Gary also refinished the girls' bed.
  • Bought and organized a storage shed.
  • I organized all of Gary's tools.  That was an all day job in and of itself.
  • Thanks to Daddy, we have swapped out all of the 2 prong plugs that were grounded for 3 prong plugs.
  • We bought, used, and have packed up an AC.
  • We have put all the furniture back together, curtains hung, shelves and pictures on walls, and I have completely unpacked EVERYTHING!  My ultimate OCD with the organizing is almost satisfied.
  • We have visited 8 different Primitive Baptist Churches over the summer.  Met some great new friends, and stayed up WAY late visiting.
  • We visited Gettysburg on the 4th of July for the 150th anniversary of the battle.
  • Camped out for Memorial Day, and had a camp fire a few times since.
  • I started homeschooling the oldest two.  Both they and I are really loving it.
  • The kids completed the summer reading program.
  • Gary has gone crazy with the round-up, to give me a chance of getting the flowerbeds cleaned out enough to put my fall bulbs in the ground.
  • I potty trained Ruth, and have Britt out of night time pull ups!  Ruth is eager to drop night time pull ups as well.  I told her to give another few months, and we'll see.
Of course this doesn't even include the normal day to day running of a house hold, where I wash mountains of laundry every Monday, two loads of towels a week, a rediculous number of sippy cups and other dishes throughout the week; and change alot of diapers (but less now that kids are potty trained).  I have provided milk on tap to Little Bit, made the kids try on large numbers of clothes, sorted out stuff that is too small, and begun the process of swapping from summer to winter clothes as we do each year now that we live in the arctic north.  Lets not forget the weekly cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchens, vacuuming and mopping floors, grocery store runs, and I've picked back up with training the dog.

I've still got a lengthy to do list on the fridge, but stopping to think about all we've managed this summer, I'm starting to feel a little like Super Mom or something.  Lest, I get too to proud of myself, I'll go ahead and share the "gotta-get-done-before-the-weather-turns-off-fridged" list.

  • Use filler stuff to keep mice out of the downstairs.
  • Close up holes in basement.
  • Close up holes in attic.
  • Caulk.
  • Take out and re-caulk the shower with water proof caulking.
  • Get and install new light in bathroom, so that the heat portion actually works.
  • Touch up paint and trim in bathroom.
  • Finish painting front and back doors.
  • Sand all doors so that they actually close.
  • Get and install a back storm door for mudroom.
  • Screw in the gold floor/door way thingy between dining room and kitchen.
  • Hang remaining hooks in Britt's closet.
  • Put down grey foam tiles in the girls' closet.
  • Finish patching screens.
  • Replace glass in broken out laundry room window.
  • Hook up and clean out laundry room sink.
  • Fix water lines.
  • Hook up dishwasher.
  • Clean out back bathroom to be usable.
It's a work in progress, but it is going well.

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