Thursday, September 12, 2013

Britt and Pears

Britt has been BEGGING to learn all about baby's in school.  So, I decided when I fed Rebecca lunch that I would let Britt help out a little.  I didn't intend to start her on any fruit until after we did all the vegetables, but I gave her pears today.  She's had a little trouble and alot of fussing about her diapers since we started solids, and even cutting out the cereal all week hasn't helped alot.  So, I figured we needed to break out one of the p fruits.  Pears are suppose to be really good for that, and almost all babies likes them, plus this way if she needs, I can give her some pear juice.  I may regret this when I break out the carrots next, but we'll see.
Britt absolutely loved feeding her, though I wish I had let him try yesterday with the peas, they are much thicker.  They did a pretty good job, but used a dozen napkins, before I took back over.  Rebecca seemed to think it was really funny to have Britt feeding her, because she kept grinning about it.  Of course, this now means that Gary will try to pass feeding over to Britt.  He has always HATED feeding the kids baby food.  He complains that it takes too long because they push half of it back out, and he hates the mess.

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