Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Book of Daniel

I learned this story from Daddy and God on the way to Church.  Momma was reading and Daddy was talking about it.  Manny and I were listening about the bad king and throwing him in a den of lions and covered it up with a statue so how he couldn't escape, and those other boys wouldn't bow to it because it wasn't really God so he threw them in the fire.  I like listening to Momma read stories.
(Alot of times on Sunday morning I read a little on the way to Church.  This Sunday I read about half the book of Daniel on the way to Columbia PBC before we turned on one of our singing cds.  Britt was in the back playing with Manny and Ruth was asleep.  I wasn't sure how much he was listening, even though Gary and I were discussing it, and Gary pointed a few things out in his general direction.  However, in the lunchroom after Church, I heard Britt relaying VERY accurately the following two stories.  Today when he started to tell them to Ruth, I asked him if he wanted to blog about it and he said yes, and waited for me to go and get the camera.  He wasn't near as accurate or smooth in his retelling today.  We are having to be a little more observant about what we discuss in front of him, since he's not of the age to understand or need to know everything.  It's difficult because we talk ALOT in the car, we spend more time together in the car than anywhere.  I have a captive audience in Gary then, haha.  It's nice when he picks up and overhears something that we want him to take to heart. On another note, I have started just asking him to say the names of the Hebrew children, and I laugh myself silly, he finds a new way to pronounce them every time.)

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