Monday, March 07, 2016

3 Years with Rebecca


Two weeks ago you turned three.  In ways, you already seemed to be three, and in other ways it's so hard to see you hit this age.  You are the youngest child we have with us, and in so many ways you don't seem so young anymore.  You are potty trained for the first time in more than 7 years, diapers aren't something we buy in the store.  You with very minimal help dress yourself.  Some of it is the haircut, which is so you, and the prissy attitude.  You are like a 16 year old crammed into a tiny little body.  And for someone who almost didn't talk at all a year ago, you have become a very animated chatter box in the last year.  You tell everyone that your name is "A-Becca Joy Un-ham."  You have become the most frustrating eater.  Still willing to eat most anything, but only if someone else sits and feeds you.  Cause who wants to eat when you can just sit and play with your food.

Some things have not changed.  You don't know that you aren't as big as everyone else.  You don't share well.  Anytime someone talks about My Little Ponies, you argue, "Not you ponies, MY ponies."  It always cracks us up.  You are fiercely independent.  You refuse to be called a baby or even a little girl, but insist that you are a big girl now.  There is very little that you don't insist on doing for yourself.  Infact, you have begun insisting on getting chores so that you can get paid on Saturday too.  You adore your brother and want to spend time with him more than anyone in the world.  You are definitely a Daddy's girl.  Dolls and ponies are your favorite toys.  You run full blast and love to move and play hard.

There are a few subtle changes that I have observed in the past year.  You have always been not only independent but so self focused that you don't really notice or pay attention to others.  In the last 6 months, however, you have become very intuitive.  You have an uncanny ability to notice when I am sad and want to cuddle with me.  You, the one who has always been unwilling to slow down, and not been in favor of being held, have developed an intuition for others and a desire to comfort.  I think this is directly a result of our loss of your little sister.  It is impossible to determine how much you understand of what happened.  But you also bring up Abigail from time to time.

The one other big change this past year held was a move from the only home you've known in PA to Florida.  For a long time you didn't seem to understand that packing up the house.  You kept insisting that this wasn't your house, and asking when it would be here.  You ask about our librarians back in PA, your best friend Adalynn, and Bro. Jonathan every so often, but you seem to have settled in and adjusted much easier than the others.  You enjoy seeing a lot of two of your cousins, Jessica (who you call Jessie) and Lilli, who you call "my wiwi."

I'm sure the next year will hold many more surprises, hopefully good.  We pray that you will again get the chance to be a big sister. Next year you will be old enough to play t-ball if you still want to.  I hope that your little legs will grow enough this year for you to be able to peddle the tricycle.  I imagine you will completely give up naps this year, since many days now you don't take one.  Perhaps we will begin you on your own chores.  Hopefully you will learn to swim this year.  There are so many exciting things ahead of you and we can't wait to see where you will go.  We will always love you, Little Bit.


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