Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Sisters

On Saturday, I went to the Strawberry Festival with our cousins.  And all the girls except Memaw were on the strawberry team, cause she didn't go.  Britt didn't want to join the strawberry team.  He and Daddy had regular clothes.  The strawberry team is the girls that wear sparkly strawberry shirts.  The girls looked just alike.  Rebecca and me are strawberry sisters, we both have strawberry bows, and pink boots, and bluejean pants, and strawberry shirts that are just alike.

The Boys
The girls

The best part about the Strawberry Festival is chocolate strawberries.  I had a whole corn dog, and so did Lilli, Julia, and Brystal.  Britt had a giant corn cob.  Momma and Daddy had Wisconsin fried cheese.  Everyone but me and Rebecca got some kind of ice cream. Rebecca had cotton candy, and I had chocolate strawberries.  That's the only way I like to eat them.  Daddy got a strawberry milkshake.  There was all sorts of strawberries - pies, cakes, chocolate strawberries, chocolate strawberries with peanuts on them, normal strawberries, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry popcorn, strawberry ice cream.


Julia and Rebecca

Aunt Joan got us some tickets for rides.  We went on a space ship train.  And I told Lilli to tell the guy who makes the train go, to make the train go faster.  It was fun.  And we go to Monkey Kingdom.  OOHHHH!  Welcome to Monkey Kingdom, but remember always don't run.  It was so fun!  The end.

The grandkids

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