Tuesday, March 22, 2016


3-14, Batting.
My team is great.  My team is called the Jaguars.  I don't really have a mascot yet.  My team is nice there is Miles, and Kevin, and Trey, and William, and Gage.  I have fun with them after practice at the playground.  Sometimes I pretend I'm eagle man, and they pretend to be other super heroes, and we pretend to save the day from evil zombies on Zombie Island.  Miles is Captain America.  Trey is the training who gets us to places.  I'm starting to make friends with them.  I talk to Miles alot.  My new team is great.  I have three coaches, there is Coach Davis, another is Coach Swindle, and then another coach helps.  I really like my main coach, Coach Davis, he is teaching me how to keep the bat by my ear and choke it up a little and don't tie it like a snake behind my helmet.

3-16, Catching.
I have played three games.  The last game they used a machine to count score on a big board.  We one the first game 5-3.  We tied the same team in the second game 3-3.  And we won the game today 7-3.  I have played catcher sometimes.  Once the ball landed right in my glove and I didn't know it.  Once their were two runners coming home, but no one threw the ball to me.  That's cause the coach yelled "Eat it, eat it." That means to hold it and not throw it.  When you do a good job someone gets a game ball at the end of the game.  Today, Gage got one for batting in the last RBI in the game.  William got one in the last game for making a double play.  And somebody else got one.  When I went to bat, I hit the ball and I ran to first base, but I kept fouling out.  I don't like baseball, I love it.

3-16, With his cheering section.

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