Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My First Baseball Game

On Monday, I had my very first baseball game.  I batted, and I runned, and I didn't catch the ball, but I picked it up off the ground.  Then I had a helmet on.  Then I had a snack.  And my snack was goldfishes and pink gatorade.  And when I got back home, Rebecca wanted to drink it but I drank it all, and she was angry.  And I gave Britt and Rebecca one of my goldfish, but Rebecca took two instead of one.  And then we all ate supper together, and supper was breakfast.

My uniform is blue and yellow.  And we have light blue socks.  And Britt is dark blue.  And Momma has a blue shirt with a baseball with words to wear.  And Momma and Daddy cheers for us.  And Rebecca says, "Go Ruth go.  Go Ruth go.  Go Ruth go."  And Britt clapped.  And Momma had a water bottle.

The game was so fun.  The best part is when I run and everyone cheers for me.  I like t-ball 100 times.

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Dianne said...

From the mouth of a child you get REAL. I love her points of interest. Colors, goldfish and pink Gatorade. Applause! We all love it. Good job, Ruth. And you shared your snack. ❤️