Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A War Story

photo by Britt

The Alpha and an evil triceratops had to be beat. There was a tank and a bulldozer. The triceratops charged, and the bulldozer drived. He pushed the triceratops backwards. Then the Alpha breathed harmful ice. Then the tank shot harmful bullets, bombs, and cannons right at the frill, before driving and hitting him like a headbutt. Then the triceratops hit the bulldozer as he was about to hit the Alpha. Then the triceratops pushed the bulldozer and tank into a brick wall. Then triceratops throws little Britt out of the tank, and he goes flying off. He jumps and grabs the Alphas tail, climbs up, then jumps of the the Apha's frill onto the triceratops tail. Then he climbs up the triceratops frill, jumps off his horns and back into his tank, where he shoots his front leg and injures him. The bulldozer gets up and drives into the Alpha, but the Alpha freezes him with ice and he is stuck. But the tank shoots the ice off, and then shots the triceratops in the belly and kills him. Then the Alpha is so angry he pushes little Britt's bullets back into his gun by shooting the ice out of his mouth into the gun. But little Britt shoots again, and shoots into the ice pushing ice back into the Alpha's mouth. Then the Alpha swings his chains around the tank and throws it into the air. Little Britt gets out just in time as the tank crashes into the bulldozer. Then little Britt pushes his tank off the bulldozer, and pushes the bulldozer back up. He climbs back into the tank and shoots the Alpha in the tail and it catches on fire. The Alpha jumps into the water to put it out and when he climbs out he freezed the pond. Then when the tank was coming to kill him, the ice broke and the tank fell into the water. Little Britt moved his tank in such a way that the bulldozer scooped him up and pulled him back to land. Then little Britt shoots off one of the tusk of the Alpha. Then the bulldozer accidentally cuts off his tail with his pushing thing. Then he accidentally cuts off both of his hands. Some how the triceratops is still alive, so the bulldozer runs him over and he is dead for good. Then the tank shoots the Alpha through the mouth and kills him. Story made from Britt. The End.

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