Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dinosaurs on the Prowl

All Photos by Britt

A couple of weeks ago, the dinosaurs did funny things while we were doing night time chores.  We knew that they were up to something, when they read the book, "What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night."  The black T-Rex was shaving, but not with shaving cream.  He forgot that part.  Or maybe he used shaving cream, but he cleaned up really good.  One of them was drying his creast.  Ankylosaurs's cousin was flossing, while some of the others were brushing their teeth.  Sid took a bath in the bathroom sink.  The dinosaurs then started fighting over who could take a bath next.  The the T-Rex got so made he through everyone one in the sink, and he took a bath.

Then the triceratops and stegosaurus were playing tractor checkers.  Black triceratops got all the tractors that he could in the game.  Stegosaurus only had one checker.  They played all night, and the next morning, the played another game.  It was funny to watch them.

They were also fixing up something.  When Pterodactyl was about to saw off one of his wings. I thought I heard Iguanodon saying what is this thing, and when I was about to walk into the room he was about to pull the lever on the drill.  When Ankylosaurs's kid wondered what does this thing do, and he took a spin on the vice.  It was a funny dinosaur day.

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