Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Monkey in the Lost Tower

Picture by Ruth
 A long time ago, there was a princess monkey locked in a tower.  She wanted to get free.  She found a key, but then had to fight a big bad bear.  The earth began to tremble and shake.  And the bear said, "I smell the breath of a pickle eating horse."  And Princess Monkey said, "That's not a pickle eating horse."  Princess Monkey was on the horse and challenged the bear.  And Monkey found the powerful stone of the bear (you know a special stone with powers) and then Princess Monkey jumped off the horse and onto the bear, and stabbed a piece of sharp glass into the heart of the bear.  And Monkey went back to the castle and danced with the prince.  The horse then danced with other horses.  And then horse threw the bear in hot lava so they never had to see it again.  And then Monkey lived happily ever after in the kingdom.  The End.

The horse is pushing bear into the hot lava.

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