Friday, March 11, 2016

My Letter to Rebecca

 "a-becca joy unn-ham,"

Happy valentine's day!  You are definitely growing up and getting bigger all the time.  Things have been changing lately.  We now live in South Florida.  Instead of selling chemicals and fertilizer, Daddy's new job is farming.  You are now 3 years old, and your favorite pass time appears to be changing into Disney Princess dresses.  I am happy to say that you are mostly potty trained.  I say mostly because you know when to use the bathroom, most of the time you tell us, but you still have a few mishaps.

You seem to be either hot or cold.  In other words you are very happy and bouncing off the walls, or MAD, upset and crying two seconds later.  But your communication skills are definitely still lacking.  When you argue with your siblings, you tend to just scream at the top of your lungs.  Which really hurts my ears.  Or when you are upset and you are trying to tell Momma or me why, you seem to still be speaking in a different language.  Maybe Klingon, monkey or Chinese.  Which makes it quite difficult to find out what you are upset about or in need of.  Because when you say "I'm hungry," it's more like "ungee."  You seem to be able to dress yourself much better.  For the most part you are perky.

I'm having more difficulties with you eating at supper time.  With more on the floor than in your stomach.  It seems to be a regular struggle as well to get all three of you to go to bed each night.  But you are also eager to help Momma with certain jobs.  You like to push the little vacuum cleaner around, and be helper with lunch or supper. You favorite thing is to play on Momma and Daddy's ipad.  Whether it's watching PBS shows or playing some of the little games Momma has for you children.

This year I hope we can work on sharing with you.  Because that is really has turned into a problem every day.  It is important that you be nice and loving to your brother and sister.  Not only are they your family, but they are your friends.  They look out for you and try to help take care of you.  Sharing is something that we all have to learn.  Not only is it being courteous and kind to one another, but it's a good way to put others before you.  It also would help Momma and Daddy not having to hear all the arguments with you three kids, if you could share.  If you could all take turns.

Becky, I love you.  I like how you try to give me hugs every time I come home.  It is nice and sweet of you.  I love you Rebecca.


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