Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Training the Next Generation

The poll workers were really amused when we arrived to vote. I came in with my three, as another lady came in with our two. I have told them voting is important and they know that we either vote yes or no for laws or for people to make laws, but we've not discussed any further than that.

Today though, first we talked about the difference in a primary and the national election in November. We talked about how Florida is a closed Primary state which is why I had to get a Republican ballot from the red line. We talked about how we have a two party system (which Momma isn't a fan of, but we'll talk about that another day). Britt was surprised to see just how many names were on the ballot, so I explained that you have to apply very early to get your name on the ballot. However, since lots of states have already voted, because we don't have a national primary day (even though we should, but once again that's a topic for another day) many of those people have already quit the race. Britt couldn't understand why until I explained that many of those people got such few votes in other states that they couldn't win the nomination so they had announced they wouldn't run. So, a vote for them would be a wasted vote.

On the way up there, I asked them how we picked a president, and they said they didn't know. I asked them do we pick the prettiest person? They laughed, and Ruth said no we pick someone who is good. Britt said we pick someone who is strong, good, and knows how to take care of things. So then I asked them how do we know that. He said, well we should give them a test. I asked them what sort of test. He didn't know, so I asked do we give them a piece of paper and a math test? They thought that was funny. After they couldn't figure out what sort of test, I told them we 1)listen to what they say, 2) we read about what they think, and 3) we watch to see what they really do. So while we voted. I told Britt that the most important thing was do what he and Ruth said about evaluating the best person for the job. But I told him there are a few other considerations that make voting in a primary difficult. I told him that Florida is a winner take all state. Instead of dividing up their votes at the Republican Convention according to who gets what votes, all of Florida's votes will go to the winner. So we also consider who we definitely don't want to win, and think about who can beat them. We also consider who can beat the Democrats in the fall.

I suspect alot went over his head. But he understood somethings, and he and Ruth asked alot of questions, as Rebecca ran laps in the center of the room.  

As we left the other lady with her two children were outside taking a picture next to the voting here sign. I offered to take one of her with her kids, and as she left, she said she didn't mean to eavesdrop, but she enjoyed listening to mine and Britt's conversation, it's so important for them to understand what we are doing and why.

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