Thursday, March 10, 2016

Me Too

I have often remarked that there is nothing that the others do, that Rebecca doesn't think she can do too.  So I wanted to share a funny story from last night to illustrate her personality.  After supper I told the kids they still needed to read to me story #1 in the new reader.  So I took them back to my room one at a time.  First, Britt came back, climbed up in my lap in the rocker, read off his vocabulary list, and then read the story.  Meanwhile, Little Bit comes bebopping back and wallows on my bed, until Gary sends her out.  When he finishes up, I tell him that his reading is getting much smoother, and I'm proud of how he didn't get frustrated or give up, and send him off to get Ruth.

Ruth then comes back, climbs up into the rocker in my lap, reads off her vocabulary list, and then reads the same story.  Little Bit comes sneaking back in bringing taggie, monkey, and Boo (her, Ruth, and Britt's sleeping buddies).  Eventually because she is distracting, Gary carries her out.  Ruth finishes up and I tell her that she is getting faster, that the goal is to not need to sound out each word, but to begin to recognize when she sees those letters together that they are a certain word.  I tell her to have Daddy check the dishes she washed before reading, and then they can play till bedtime.

I'm then cleaning up my desk, and getting ready to watch Bones with Gary, when Rebecca comes running back in, yelling, "MY TURN!" So, I get back in my rocker, she climbs up in my lap, and hands me the same little reader, and I open it and begin to read.  Only to be told, "No, no!"  She starts over pointing to each word one at a time, just the way that I point to the words in the song book on Sunday morning.  I read them as she points to them.  Sometimes when I read words like "a" she doesn't move on, and I get to repeat them three times till she is satisfied and moves on.  If I continue on and try to start the next page, she makes me start over at the beginning of the sentence.  Sometimes she repeats a sentence back to me after I have read it, "Al has a van."  When we finish up, she turns, pats my cheek and says, "Good job, Momma." Then she asks for a sticker for her reading.

What a stinker.

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