Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zoo America

We went to Zoo America in Hershey with our friends from co-op.  We saw lots of animals at the zoo.  I don't know how much.  I did have a good time with my friends, and asked them to come to my house, and they did today.  We went to the zoo on Wednesday, it was cold there, so borrowed Alex's coat.  He's funny.

We saw Red Tail Hawk sitting on it's nest, laying its eggs.  I didn't see the Daddy, I think he was looking for food.  I think they eat squirrels, and little birds.  We saw the roadrunner.  He's the fastest bird, I learned about him the day before from Brothers and Chris (Wild Kratz).  They eat lizards but not grown up Helio Monsters, because they have a venomous bite.  I liked all the different kinds of birds.

The bald eagles have great eyesight.  I really liked the peregrine falcon.  I know what it was from watching Brothers and Chris.  They have good feet for catching feet.  The hooks hang on to slippery fish skin.  They don't have slippery feet though, because they might slip off something like a branch and fall, but fish are slippery.  They stretch their feet out to catch the fish, then they eat a little and carry the rest back to the nest.  They also have a beak for holding their food to give to their babies.  Snowy Owls have white feathers.  Mountain lions have many different names - puma, cougar, sometimes Daddy calls them a Florida panther.

They had a black footed ferret.  I wanted to look for those in our woods, because I learned about him from Brothers and Chris.  They have sharp teeth, because they are a predator.  They have a long body to go through the tightest tunnels.  There are only 16 left in the world, they use to live in Texas.  I want to go there.  We saw Black Bears.  They were sleeping and a bird almost woke them up. Bears are omnivores, like us, they like meat and berries and stuff. I did see wolves, I think they eat deers and stuff.  They might kill them too.  Did you know, otters were in their home?  They didn't want to swim because it was too cold.  It might be warm now, cause it's hot.  It would be a good day to play in the shade or go to the beach.  It feels better in the shade.  You know how it feels if you are barefooted in the sand, it's hot.

Then we ate lunch.  We brought sandwiches and Everett shared some of his chips with me.  We got to play on a little playground after that.  There was a little slide, and some stairs to it, and we all took turns.

After lunch time, we went into that building.  There was lots of kinds of animals: an owl, a skunk, a snake, and an alligator.  The skunk didn't have any stripes.  She was an albino named Betty White.  Albino means she has no color all white.  Her eyes looked pink because she didn't have any color in her eyes, so you could see all the blood behind them.  If she had been all black she would have been melanism.  He asked if anyone could have a staring contest with the snake, and Ruth was picked.  She stared a long time, till we were all laughing.  He told her she was really good, but that she couldn't win, because snakes don't have eyelids so they couldn't blink.  We all got to pet the snake, but Momma said no thank you.  The last animal that he told us all about was the alligator.  I don't think it would be a good idea to touch the inside of his mouth.

I think it would be fun to go there again, but next time I want to try another zoo.

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