Saturday, May 03, 2014

One Year Ago

One year ago, the first weekend in May we were unpacking all of our ridiculous number of worldly possessions into the house we are currently living in.  We have been here a full year, making this our third longest time in one place.  It's crazy to think that in nearly 7 years we have lived in seven different places.

We have made a home here.  We have a wonderful Church family, the most important part of making a place home.  Gary's job is one that he really loves.  He has been there for 13 months now, and the apparent security of the job is of course an important factor to me in making a place home.  I've been able to meet some really nice people by going up to the library on Fridays and through a homeschooling co-op that I've been attending since January.

The kids have adjusted well.  Britt still talks about missing his "hiding hole in the Indiana house" and he often asks about "his cows and chickens at our Florida house."  They both ask often when we are going to their beach in Florida, "you know the one close to Memaw's house."  I am continually amazed by how much they remember, and yet how well they have done with yet another move.  Especially Britt, as he is the one who is a little too much like his Momma, wanting everything just so, and not liking things that don't follow the routine.  I hope one of these days we will be in a position to buy or build something, I would hate to think that our children won't have the memories of Home that we both have.

I won't lie or sugar coat things, some parts of this move have been really difficult.  Winter has been hard.  I have no doubts now, why Yankees jump ship the second they can get away with retiring.  I don't do cold at all, and I find winter incredibly depressing.  I don't want to get out in the miserable weather and I can't stand being cooped up in the same four walls with no adult conversation.  We really miss our family and friends, and we miss having so many of them nearby.

All in all though, it's been a great move.  I will probably never view a job as a certain thing, and my notions of security have changed drastically, but we have learned a degree of contentment and acceptance for whatever the Lord has for us at this point in our lives and are making the most of this time and place.

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