Friday, May 02, 2014

Easter Sunday

Sunday, the kids had a big surprise seeing all their finished eggs. And checking out all the goodies in their Easter baskets.  When we were home, Melissa had given me a bag of fun stuff and some candy for the kids, but they had already fallen asleep, so I opted to just hang on to it, and use it all to fill their baskets.  They were really surprised with some of the toys, since I normally just throw some eggs and candy in.  We also got up extra early that morning, because I wanted family pictures before they had a chance to wallow in the car seats and get covered with a McDonald's biscuit.  The pictures weren't so good as I hoped, but nearly everyone slept on the way to Church as a result.

We had exceptionally good Church services, and Bro. Jonathan was blessed to preach on the resurrection with great power.  Afterward we had communion and foot washing, then all visited over lunch.  It was a good time of fellowship, remember what the Lord has done for us with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  You can hear it, just as soon as I finish figuring out why I am having trouble getting the website to accept new sermons.

As I mentioned, a few of us with kids headed back over to the preacher's house afterward, and let the kids have an Easter egg hunt.  It was alot of fun to watch Rebecca this year.  It was her first time to hunt Easter eggs, I think she is younger than the others were the first time they hunted.  I would point out an egg, and she would look at it and then look up at me as if to say "Yeah, I see it, and so what?"  When she finally picked it up, it was one with a little change in it, well then she just wanted to shake and play with it, and didn't particularly care if she found anymore at all.  They all had a good time playing and snacking while us adults visited.  It was a very good day with some people that we have grown very close to over the last year.

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