Thursday, May 22, 2014

15 Months with Rebecca


You are 15 months today.  Oh how time flies.  You are such a busy little bee, perhaps that is just part of your personality.  You always want to be doing something, learning something, progressing to the next step.  Lately the activity of choice has been stairs.  Oh, you've been climbing a step or two for 6 months now, I guess, but in the last few weeks, you would sit on the bottom couple of steps, looking up, head cocked to one side listening to Britt and Ruth playing upstairs.  Then one day you just started climbing, within two days, you had mastered it, you have such speed now it is crazy.  It's hard to catch up, when I don't want you climbing.  I don't leave the baby gate up all the time, since the only bathroom is upstairs and while Britt can climb over it, Ruth cannot.  You haven't mastered going down yet though you've been practicing alot.  Only 2 spills so far in the last few weeks though.

Aside from the climbing things pretty much have continued along the same.  You aren't running, but you have a speed walk like I Ahna's.  I can remember practically running to keep up with her, and it seems to be the same following you, you are just much shorter.  You continue to be a gal of few words.  MA-MA screamed at the most annoying pitch continues to stand for every conceivable thought.  Though, in the last two weeks I've heard you say "hi Daddy," "ta-ge" (with the slightest G sound - so Grumps will say it's time to work on his name), and you've started occasionally using Bit again for your brother.  Despite your limited vocabulary, it's impressive how much you understand.  I can ask you to do and get all kinds of things, things I'm sure will stump you and you come trotting back a few minutes later having put away or gotten out said item.

On that note, you are eager to help around the house.  I will start sweeping and look over to find you picking up items in the floor around your chair and carrying them to the garbage bag.  Like Ruth did when she was a little older than you I will start dusting and look around to see you using taggie as a dust rag on the lower items.  I can start picking up toys and you bring me items further off.  Just this week, I was pulling things out of the drier into the basket, when I had to go and help Britt.  I came back to find you having gotten about half the items out and into the basket.  You like to sort laundry too, but we need to work on your concept of darks verses lights.

Persistence, a little attitude, a big flashing smile, and a love of cuddling are all things that seem to define your personality.  The more you grow the more I am in wonder if the majesty of God as a supreme creator.  We have three children, all raised more or less the same, and yet you are all three such wonderfully unique people.  His ability to design, His infinite imagination, His many bestowed blessings, they all boggle the mind.  We continue to pray that He will guide and shape you into a wonderful woman, we continue to thank Him for the blessing of you (and your siblings).  Momma and Daddy love you very much, little bit.


ps - I'm sorry you don't have a 15 month video, but My True Media is closing down, and I'm trying to get all the years worth of videos saved to the hard drive.  Blogger wouldn't let me load the video of you climbing this past Sunday afternoon at the park, so instead, here is you squeeze and grunting (aka, to the rest of the world, hugging) your puppy.

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