Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Nature Walk: Week 1

Today I'm going to tell you about my nature walk.  We are starting a new unit in school.  We are learning about gardening and nature.  In the last week we saw two groundhogs.  I think they looked just like a beaver a little.  Their back is a little like a beaver, and they live close to our river, and beavers like water too.  Sometimes they go in the water too.  They are a little bit different too.  They have different tails.  We saw a raccoon, one day too.  Kita was try to eat it, so it ran up the tree.  I went outside and tried to climb up the tree to touch it.  Daddy told me it might bite, so I didn't actually touch it.  When he went up the tree, he didn't do anything but lay around, so maybe he was getting ready to sleep.  Today we saw a bird building a nest in our red bird house.  It ate some food from the bird feeder too.  I watched it from the window, because when I tried to go outside, it flew away.

Yesterday Momma and I went on a nature walk in the woods.  We went passed lots of thorn bushes.  Some we got cut and some we got trapped, so I let Momma go first.  I weared snow boots, so that I could go first some and step on them to get them out of the way.  We were looking for lots of kinds of animals.  Well, we only just found birds.  We found something burnt up, maybe an iphone.  There were some interesting plants like moss and algae.  Moss felt like a bobcat's fur.  I liked it.  Momma said it grows by water.  I didn't like algae, because I wouldn't want it to get in my snow boots.  Plus, if there's too much the water stops moving.  We found one spot where there wasn't any water left, just algae.  I want to go back and clean it up and help the river.

One of the last things we found on the way home was a lot of rocks stacked up.  I made a hypothesis, that it might have been a playground.  Momma thought it might have been an old part of a house.  I'm going to take Daddy back to look another day.  Then we got past that river on the rock path.  I like go on adventures.  Goodbye.

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