Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Friends for Campfire Lunch

Today been a nice day cause of marshmallows.  And us had a campfire.  We had it with us friends.  My friend is Annie.  She came to my house, and swinged me on the swing set.  We drawed with chaulk.  She drew a picture of Ruth as a princess.  Britt played with Everett.  They played with dinosaurs and Britt's toys in his room and outside.  Annie's big brother Alex came too, he was so funny.  He sword fighted with us too.  It was a nice day to play with them.  We all had lunch together, hot dogs on the campfire.  It was a nice day.  Me want my friends to stay more.  They will come back another day, and play all the way till night time.

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