Wednesday, May 07, 2014

My Seed Trays

So, I've been really insistent with Momma that I want a Sing Spell, Read, Write book like Britts, and that if she's going to get him something with numbers, then I want some Math workbooks too.  I want one like Britt, cause me not have one.  So, Momma set out to find us some worksheets for our next thing we are learning in school.  We have sheets about writing and drawing, and sheets for counting seeds, and sheets just for coloring.  We have a plant part life cycle book.  I got my own, I'm not sharing with Britt.

Now we are learning about plants, and seeds, and gardening, and all the beautiful things God made.  My lettuce plants look so beautiful.  Yeah, cause they are growing.  I made a plant book it tells me all about plants growing.  First it's a seed.  Then it's a germinating seeds.  Next it grows roots and a stem.  Then it grows leaves.  Next it grows flowers.  Then the bees come and get nectar, and while they do pollen sticks to their legs and bellies and that's what makes the fruit grow.  Plants need four things to grow - dirt, rain, sunshine, and air. I like growing things, cause it's so fun.

My lettuce seeds grew first, but Britt's all died, and his dirt blew away.  So we both planted another tray for a race.  His lettuce came up in 4 days super fast.  But I told him it didn't count.  We are going to see if my broccoli and cabbage beat his okra and watermelon.  We planted peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes too, but Momma says they will take a long time to grow, that they are slow.  We are going to plant our carrots and potatoes and beans soon, because they need to be planted straight in the garden.

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